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TOK presentation - Euthanasia

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soumya shrinath

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of TOK presentation - Euthanasia

Definition of Euthanasia
Real Life Example (1)
Ben Tang
Real Life Example 2
Sue Rodriguez
Ways of knowing (WOK)

Areas of knowledge (AOK)
TOK Question
After looking at different point of views towards euthanasia, here comes my conclusion that by using ethical point of view, we can't come out with a definite answer determining whether euthanasia is right or wrong.
ethic perspective
Religion of euthanasia
The word "Euthanasia" comes from the Greek terms:

"Eu" (Beautiful)
"thanatos" (death)
Why euthanasia?
Voluntary euthanasia
Involuntary euthanasia
Euthanasia is a very controversial issue and there is a lot of room for speculation and skepticism.
Let's take a look into Euthanasia step by step...
Pro-euthanasia arguments
Anti-euthanasia arguments
Two types of euthanasia
We should accept euthanasia and legalized it.

A thorough investigation must be carried through, at least the options of three experts (doctors) should be obtained before the act of passive euthanasia.

This will be the best way to perhaps prove that the person is trutly leading a life of misery and pain, with no hopes whatsoever to recover.
The painless killing of a patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease. -Oxford English dictionary
Someone is suffering from an illness
"cry for help", life is not worth living now.
Wants to die with dignity
Feel vulnerable, worthless and undue burden
physical and emotional pain...
Extremely difficulties...
Someone you love...
For their own good
Same person might not have the same perspective...
different times of his/her life
Different people might have different perspective...
different emotions and personalities
Optimistic VS Pessimistic
death is natural phenomenon of life.
minimize the fear of death.
you cannot decide you date of birth but can decide the date of death.
region: God will always be with you.
region: death is the beginning of a new life. (transmigration)
there is no meaning of life living in pain and suffer.
do not want to be the burden of the family.
Miserable and hard-making decision
Financial pressure (reason)
Reluctant to treat hopeless patient
bad reputation and poor medical record due to too many untreated patients.
the overuse of euthanasia might acts as a discouragement of innovation on new medical treatment such as new medicine.
What if one day our technology develops to a stage where we can cure people from coma?
If we go through the process of euthanasia, discovering that the patient could have lived.

who is guilty and whose responsibility then?
You, the doctor or the euthanasia?
Therefore, on the flip side of the argument, it is only right to give someone the full chance of survival because we never know that what the future holds for us.
The feel of sympathy overtakes us, it appeals to our emotions.
emotion cloud rational judgements.
Rational thinking VS Emotional thinking
the right and dignity of life could be well maintained and respected.
minimize the suffer and pain of patient.
reduce the financial pressure of the patient's family.
limited medical resources (resource allocation)
life is the most valuable gift by God, and you should treasure it .
death with dignity is not a better terminal than living with suffer.
lost of your love one is a tragedy.
especially your mother, who gave you birth but you decide to end her life. this is a miserable and hard-making decision.
Is euthanasia a rightful death or wrongful doing?
a mother
lived in Victoria, British Columbia
was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis during the early 1991
she fought for her right for euthanasia. however, she lost her battle
in 1994, she took her own life with help from a doctor
(August 2, 1950 - February 12, 1994)
people have the explict right to die
Libertarian point of view
Dignity of life
Respect our life
Religions that support euthanasia:
Religions that do not support euthanasia:

People have the explicit right to die
Human beings have the right to die, when and how
In fact, making people go on living when they don't want to violates their personal freedom and human rights
Libertarian point of view
Religion is an organized collection of belief systems, cultural systems, and worldviews that relate humanity to spirituality and sometimes to moral values.
if an action promotes the best interest of everyone concerned and violates no one's right then that should be morally acceptable
death is a private matter
Respect of Life
God of the philosophers
The problem of suffering
natural suffering
The paradox of suffering
If they see one in deep pain, they can help them to end their life
Tolerate euthanasia but not individual decision
Buddhism and Hinduism
Mortal life = Continuous cycle (reborn)
Islam, Christian, Catholic and Judaism
life is valuable and sacred
given by their Gods and we should not interfere with the natural process of death
Moral reasoning
(1969.5.16 - 2012.12.9)
however euthanasia is illegal in Hong Kong
fight for euthanasia but failed
during this time he wrote a book about his life
Always Keep The Faith
As suicide not a crime, why should euthanasia being questioned?
Theory of Knowledge for the IB Diaploma (Richard van de Lagemaat)
I want euthanasia- Ben Tang
euthanasia needs the help of medical which this comes to the concern of others' right and duty
doctors have their own right to decide whether help the patient or not
doctors' duty is to save lifes and they are not allowed to take part in any process of killing patients
since you have the right to die, doesn't mean others have the duty to help you with it
people are sometimes wrong about what's in their best interest
people may not realise that committing euthanasia may harm others
euthanasia is not private act- we can't ignore any bad effect it may have on the society as general
this is a universal moral value
should try our best to live instead of thinking how to end it
shouldn't end life just because it seems to be the most effective way of putting off an end
Dignity of Life
Being alive ≠ living
both pain suffering and psychological condition let the patient lose dignity
fresh graduate
become paralyzed because of a failure of backward somersault
movement is only limited on head
loss hope and wrote a letter to the chief executive for euthanasia
some of them do accept passive euthanasia
If religions can accept this, voluntary euthanasia is a rightful death
Hinduism can accept Prayopavesa, or in an other word fasting to death
died in 2012 due to bacteria infection
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