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Staff Development for Libraries

No description

Sean Mulligan

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of Staff Development for Libraries

Volunteering in Greensboro
Bullying in the Workplace
Good Nutrition: On the Road to Better Health
Followership Styles and Career Brand Management
The ABC’s of SPAs and EPAs
Future Technologies in the University Libraries
Stress Reduction Techniques
TeamQuest Adventures
Maximizing Your Assets:
The Importance and Benefits of a Staff Development Program

What is Staff Development?
Why Staff Development?

They buy "why" you do it...
Simon Sinek
2009 T.E.D. talk:
"How great Leaders inspire Action"
The Golden Circle
Focus on the question "why" in order to gain support and follower
Cost saving
Staff turnover is expensive:
Average cost of replacing an employee who makes $50,000 a year or less is 20% of their salary
Replacing executive level staff member can cost up to 213% of their salary
Overworked Staff
Lost knowledge
Training Costs
Recruiting and
Interviewing Costs
Increase Employee Morale
Increase skills and knowledge
Staff Development at
Jackson Library-UNCG

Background on Staff Development
at Jackson Library
Reestablished Staff Development Committee
Rewrote mission statement and by-laws
Promoting staff development
Creation of a "Staff Development and Recognition Week"
Staff Development and Recognition Week- May 2012
Staff Development and Recognition Week Events:
Continuing Staff Development at Jackson Library
Goal to provide 1 event each month
Continue to gather feedback and suggestions from staff
Some of the other events we have been able to offer include:

Maximizing your Assets
Staff development is a way for a library to maximize its most important asset, its employees
Focus on the "why" and importance of staff development
Provide programing that benefits the staff needs/wants
Be resourceful

Gain support
Focus on the "why"
Look for those who share passion/interest
Know your audience
Discover what staff need or want
Use surveys and other feedback tools
Be OK thinking outside of the box
Be resourceful
Reach out to the local community
Ask other staff members to share knowledge
People like to talk about what they are interested in
Be creative

Have established goals and mission
Focus on having a clear purpose
Recognize what to do and what NOT to do
Create mission statement and by-laws
Measure your actions
Determine if your events are making a difference
Define what it means to be "successful"
Use surveys or other feedback tools

Maintain focus

Staff Development is not a one time event
Focus on continued interest and support by the staff
Staff Development Suggestions

Other Staff Development Events:
Fire extinguisher training
Active shooter training
Chair yoga
Ergonomics in the workplace
Disaster preparedness for the home
University Library lighting round presentations
Diversity in Communication Styles
Planned for May, after Spring classes were over
Determined what the staff needed or wanted for staff development
Created programing on a very limited-budget being resourceful
Final program included 16 different events and presentations including:
Result was a great success!
There are potential fears of downsizing
Demonstrate a commitment to their well being and job
Positive benefit to increase employee happiness

Traveling to conferences and workshops can be costly
Create programs that can help staff learn new skills, stay current in the library field, or improve their life
Can always learn something new
Staff development is change
“An amalgam of small changes that take place in the behavior of individual staff members, which in turn can affect the whole team or unit or organization positively.” pg 4
In 2001, academic and public libraries spent on average 1.26 percent of their total payroll on staff development
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