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Maureen Pratiwi

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Untitled Prezi

Home Exercise Pty Ltd
MANAGEMENT STRATEGY FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS Strong possibility to expand HEX in not only the Australian market but also emerging international markets
Investing in new projects by expanding into overseas market will add value to the firm thereby benefiting shareholders BLUE SKY MARKET Managing Director Jessica Pearson
25 years management experience
Has experienced in business associated with figure toning and weight loss
Certified manager who leads and champions process-improvement initiatives
Excellent in leading team effort, motivate staffs, and establish as well as monitoring the success of the business $2 CASH FLOW STATEMENTS $2 BALANCE SHEET $2 Founder: Harvey Specter

Diligent in the concurrent development of product, marketing strategy and capital management plan
Provability to work in and develop professional partnerships General Manager Louis Litt
Experienced in business within electrical and electronics industry
Initiative in determining and evaluating risks
Proficient in managing different projects Production Manager Mike Ross
15 years post-qualification experience
Proficient in maintaining product's competitive edge
Prudent in handling unexpected situations and crisis management Marketing and Sales Director Rachel Zane
Has national presence relevant in retail distribution business
Has experienced as a business adviser for almost 20 years Trieu, Marise, Sennan, Maureen & Eleanor Therapeutic and Rehabilitation MarketHospitals, rehabilitation center's, physiotherapists, nursing homes
Fitness and Lifestyle Markets Gymnasiums, resorts, weight loss center’s
Currently only participating in the Australian market, looking to expand internationally $2 AIM: Bringing product to market readiness $2 Profit growth plan:
Generate massive sales with sufficient level of capital
Seeking for repeat sales

Value growth plan:
Differentiate the business by providing wide range of products and services

Innovation and product development:
Fund early production on a unit by unit basis
Reserves are transferred to self fund production facility

Market expansion plan:
Interstate and overseas $2 Performance risk:
Newly formed company in a competitive market
Extensive network of both private and corporate customers

Competitive risk:
Increasing demand for equipment
Suitable for a variety of customers and different uses

Production risk:
Extensive research and development conducted on exercise equipment
Production risks were identified and managed during prototyping

Technological risk:
Innovations in the exercise industry do not occur rapidly
Modifications can easily be made to products $2 $2 HEX is a primary supplier of computerized, assisted movement exercise machines

These machines have application into rehabilitation and therapeutic industries, and additionally in the gym, lifestyle and fitness market

100% Australian manufactured product

HEX has full control of the manufacture of the machines

Plans are underway to establish an additional Ballarat-based assembly plant

Production will be on a unit-by-unit basis

Cash Flow efficiency during the early years of the business is a priority INTRODUCTION $2 Estimated increase in net profit
Well established and positioned in a variety of markets
90 years of experience between the management team
Strategies to expand in Australia and Internationally
Vision’s to invest in a number of projects
Share price is only going to increase as a result of our experienced management team, our firm initiatives and our international expansion CONCLUSION $2 DON'T MISS OUT!!!
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