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My Semester goal: Yoga and Mental Health -By Katie wells

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Kate Wells

on 30 August 2016

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Transcript of My Semester goal: Yoga and Mental Health -By Katie wells

Why Yoga and Mental Health?
> My semester goal was to push myself into doing yoga and to slow down more in life and take time to relax.
Trial and Error
< IT WAS HARDER THAN I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE! Not the yoga part spesifically, but getting into a routine. I will be honest and say I did have a hard time sticking with it, but I did.

< This whole semester I've been trying to slow down try new and different things and I wanted to develop different habits.

< I would rush out of the house and not even think about doing something as small as stretching. I would snap at people and get mad at myself because I wasn't giving my mind a break.

What did I learn and what did I change?
Last year was hard and I knew I needed to make some changes.
Ending details
> I didn't do perfect, but I learned to push myself and to stay consistent no matter what.
How I paced myself?
< I tried to do yoga every single night, I mostly succeeded unless I was gone. Normally during nighttime I did very relaxing yoga. To feel inspired I took some yoga classes at the gym I work at.

< I would put away electronics and finish my HW before.

My Semester goal: Yoga and Mental Health -By Katie wells
>If yoga is done consistently, it improves brain function, lowers stress levels, decreases anxeity, improves lungs.
> I suffer from bad back pain and if you are mindful of yoga and take precaution it can stongly improve pains, and it has for me.
> I wanted a habit, a habit that I could do regularly and
develop a routine. Something I could stick to every day and that would help break habits that weren't benificial.
< Morning time was more difficult, I always wanting to rush around. I would have to force myself to sit on my bedroom floor and do it.
< There were many times I fell back on it, especially in the morning.
By working on this goal my brain is not at perfect peace and I don't spend 2 hours a day mastering the trickiest yoga poses but...
I've learned to be consitient,
to push myself to wake up and
do something and to stay busy
and handle being a junior, but
still giving my mind a BREAK.
> It took off at a rough start, but I've been truly enjoying yoga and doing small things to give my mind some kindess.
>Hydration hasn't been a issue, but I really tried to eat more fruits. I have cooked different and unique things. Currently my favorite fruits are rasberries and my favoite veggies are sweet potatoes.
> I'm thankful I chose this goal and I've felt better about myself and been at peace about a lot of things. Plus yoga is pretty dang awesome, and being kind to your mind also is!
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