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Ashley's Powerpoint

No description

Joanna Perez

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Ashley's Powerpoint

Start Canal The canal of Venice These are all the resources I used. Canals by: Ashley Perez The Amsterdam canal A canal is an artificial waterway
constructed to allow the passage of
boats or ships inland or to convey
water for irrigation. canal of Panama Located in the United States,
Panama,North America. Canal of Amsterdam Located in Netherlands,
Holland,Europe Canal of Located in Italy, ,Europe The Panama canal Venice Trieste These are some images of the Panama canal. unique species This is the unique dart
frog. This is the tropical spotted
dolphin. This is VascoNunez ,
the founder of the Panama canal. These are some attractions,
like boat trips to the canal ,the canal museum,and the Panama canal railway. These are some images on the canal of Amsterdam. Interesting fact ,Amsterdam is the worlds center for
diamond trade. unique species: This is a unique bird
called grebe. This is a unique species called
albatros. The founder of the Amsterdam canal was Count Florest V. These are some attractions on the canal of Amsterdam,
taking boat rides on the canal,making your own site seeing tours,and seeing many famous building while your on the canal. (boat rides) This is a image
of the canal of
Venice. Unique Species This is a unique
bird called a tucan. This a three toad sloth. The canal of Venice was
founded by a group of patriotic explorers. These are some of the
attractions on the canal,the festival
held on the canal,and riding on
gondalas to see the canal. Bibliography Google.com Answer.com Bing.com Yahoo.com encyclopedia Canals (book) dictionary
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