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nitzel padilla

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

HIPAA love

Nitzel Padilla
Shanna Martinez
Shaqueena Miller
Stating the issue:
Should Abigail Hinchy be rewarded 1.44 million dollars for having Audra Peterson's violate the HIPAA law?
A love triangle was involved in this case
The accused Audra Peterson was married to the David Peterson who was in a relationship with the defendant Abigail Hinchy's.
David Peterson used the information that was obtained by his wife against his ex girlfriend so that he would not have to pay child support .

On July 26 a jury awarded 1.44 million dollars to a Walgreen's customer who felt her medical information was voliated by a pharmacy worker.
Neli, M. (2013, july 29). Walgreens must pay customer $1.44m after pharmacist shared her prescription records. Retrieved from
Thedore, K., & Lynn, S. (2013, August 29). United states: Hipaa violation results in $1.44m jury verdict
against walgreens, pharmacist. Retrieved from http://www.mondaq.com/unitedstates/x/260050/Healthcare/ HIPAA Violation Results In 144m Jury Verdict Against Walgreens Pharmacist
Ouellette, P. (2013, july 29). Walgreens fined $1.44 million for pharmacist data breach. Retrieved from

References :
Facts of the case:
More facts of the case:
More more facts of the case:
Laws of the case:
-HIPAA form:
The trail took place in Indianapolis, Indiana
The trial went on for four days in the Indiana Marion Supreme Court
Jury awarded her 1.44 million dollars.
Audra Peterson was sentenced to 25 months in prison.
Walgreens fell that they should not be held responsible for the actions of Audra Peterson.
Walgreens intend to file and appeal on the ruling that was made.
HIPAA also known as ( Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) of 1996. Became effected in April 2003, it advised us as patients or providers of our rights to know that our health information is being handled with care. We as patients should know who has access to our medical records and what are the consequences if that information is made public.
Her motive was all an act of jealousy and revenge. All a leading cause of cheating and a unexpected pregnancy from her husband. She learned about the pregnancy the first time she violated Abigail's medical records on site of work at Walgreens. When Abigail discovered her records were exposed to her ex boyfriend she filed a complaint to Walgreens. on the second time Audra roamed through Abigail's information she sought out something not only she can taunt Abigail with but also use it to her own advantage. Abigail having a STD potentially effecting Audra's husband. Audra and husband Davion thought this could help them cheat there way out of paying child support. Since Walgreens was aware of Audra breaking access to fragile information and allowed it the second time, Abigail decided to take it to court. HIPPA was a huge part of the case due to the fact such delicate medical records were shared and then used against the victim. The trail was four days long and rewarded the victim 1.44 million dollars and gave the defendant 25 months in jail.
Abigail won her case and was rewarded 1.44 million dollars. No one from department of health and human services was involved. As in for Audra...
not only did she lose her job at Walgreens but was also sentenced to 25 months in jail for confessing she shared medical information with her husband. Walgreens is considering to appeal the verdict as well, feeling that they are not held responsible for the actions taken by their employee.
In response to the ruling of HIPAA policy. Audrea Peterson was aware that she had violated the privacy policies. However, when you are hired at a professional place you are to sign a HIPAA Confidentiality Agreement. On the HIPAA Agreement it tells you that the employees and the partners of the practice will have access to confidential information both written and oral in the course of their employment and job responsibilities. However, the agreement states that the information is not to be disclosed to any unauthorized individuals.
Audra Peterson violation of the law was giving unauthorized prescription information. Audra Peterson violated HIPAA due to willful neglect and not being corrected. The minimum penalty was 50,000 per violation with an annual maximum of 1.5 million dollars. Penalty's are weighted off depending on how bad the violation is.
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