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Third Person Limited Point of View

No description

Abigail Whitaker

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Third Person Limited Point of View

Third-Person Limited
Point of View

What is third-person limited point of view?
In third-person limited point of view, the narrator is omniscient except for the fact that his or her powers of mind reading are limited to or at least focused on a single character, who becomes the central figure through whom we view the action.
Breaking It Down
In third-person limited point of view, the narrator knows the thoughts and feeling of a single character, and it is through that character that he or she tells the story. The narrator uses pronouns like he, she, they, them, etc. Third-person limited grants a writer more freedom than first-person, but less than third-person omniscient.
Examples of Third Person Limited Point of View
A popular example of a series written in third person limited point of view would be J.K. Rowling's
Harry Potter.
"They'll be here in about five minutes,"

said, and when none of the Dursleys replied,
left the room. The prospect of parting probably forever from
aunt, uncle, and cousin was one that
was able to contemplate quite cheerfully, but there was nevertheless a certain awkwardness in the air. What did you say to one another at the end of sixteen years' solid dislike?

Third-Person Limited vs. Third-Person Omniscient
In third- person limited the narrator only knows the thoughts and feelings of a single character. However, in third- person omniscient the narrator knows the thoughts and feelings of all the characters.
Along with books, multiple songs and even movies have been written in third-person limited point of view.
For example, in 2006 the movie
Stranger Than Fiction
was about a man whose life was being narrated in third-person limited point of view.
After reading this, we learn from the narrator that even though Harry
loathes his "family", he still has mixed feelings when it comes to leaving. After all, that had been his home for the last sixteen years. However, we don't know how the Dursleys feel about the situation. We can only assume they feel the same way.
Third-Person Limited Pronouns
his, her
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