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Cochlear Implant

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 16 September 2015

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Transcript of Cochlear Implant

The Cochlear Implant
the cochlear implant
The cochlear implant was invented in 1978 on the 18 of October by Graeme Clark. The cochlear implant was made in Melbourne,Australia. It is gray and and skin colour with a tube connected to the back of there head.
The cochlear implant has two parts the cochlear implant and the speech processor. The speech processor has two little microphones to pick up sound it turns those sounds into signals and sends them to a transmitter.the transmitter sends it to the internal implant and converts the coded signals into sounds
The Cochlear implant has made a big difference in Australians history because it helps adults and children that cant hear. the children at school can improve their speaking and increase confidence. and the adults can talk on the phone.
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