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Forth Grade Timeline

No description

Mike Graham

on 31 May 2016

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Transcript of Forth Grade Timeline

Forth Grade Timeline
Delanie Bowersock
At Christmas time

when we made

snowmen lanterns
I liked it when we made them



them and my mom loved it.

When Charles rolled down the will
When Charles rolled down the hill

at the Canverns. It was so funny.
I like it because we got to pick our own groups. We did dirt pudding and animal crackers and we also got to make things.
When Luke's desk broke
It was funny because when it broke Grace said" Its and acute angle.

When we watched movies and did fun things

We did timelines in

Mrs. Thompson Class
I liked that because we got to

bring in pictures and I liked to look at other peoples pictures
The first time we played Kahoot
I liked that because we had to anwser questions and we also got

to do other fun Kahoot like dogs,

food and other ones I can't remember.
When Aidan fell on

the table in art class
It was funny because we where

playing Zig Zag and Aidan thought we won but he did the wrong thing so he was out and then he went to walk over there he fell on the table.

When Ava ran into the pole
We where coming inside from the buses and Ava was talking to me and she ran into the pole cause she was not paying attention.

When I read the Shiloh Series
I liked it because it was sad and happy ( Luke made me read it cause I liked dog books.)
We are doing a

kickball tournament
I like it because we are so close to

winning we just have to beat Mrs.

Mulholland class.
We watched The Good Dinosaur and ate pizza
When We went to the Allen County Farm Park
I liked it because we played a game and got to make butter. We also got to see and play with the kids toys back then. We made candles and got to see how the washed there clothes. I liked it when Ava said it was a Plunger when it help them wash out there clothes and dry them alittle.
When we went to Kewpee
I liked when we went to Kewpee because Charles got so many donuts Ava, Grace, Quincey, And I where by the front we keeped seeing Charles get more donuts.
When Charles had to sit in the corner
That happened when we where doing the spelling b He had to go sit in the corner by the cubbies.
We went to the Ohio Caverns
I liked that because Charles rolled down the hill and we got to see alot of very cool things.
When we went to Kewpee I had to show Ava how to throw away her food and put her tray away cause she did not know how to do it and she was scared to do it wrong.

Harry Potter
J$ keeped trying me to read Harry Potter but i havn't.
I liked When We did Science Groups
When We ate Dirt Pudding and watched How to Eat Fried Worms
Loved Then Dirt Pudding
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