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Teens Through Time (2000's)

Research aspects of average teenager during the 2000's

Ebun Adenekan

on 31 May 2011

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Transcript of Teens Through Time (2000's)



Global War on Terrorism (Afghanistian) Technology:
Smart Phones (Texting)
Digital Cameras George W. Bush
July 6, 1946
2001 - 2009
Barack H. Obama
August 4, 1961
2010 - present Music

Hip Hop:


Rock: Fashion

"Smaller is better."

Jeans and khakis were the most popular pants to wear in this time.
Often worn with t-shirts, V necks, sweatshirts, hoodies, and sneakers.

Boys Fashion divides into -emo, indie kids, scene kids, psychobilly, preppy, skater, goth, nu-metal, ravers, and hipsters. Television Shows/Movies

-Avatar (2009): An action-packed movie including a valuable metal is found on a remote planet inhabited by an alien race. The mining company will stop at nothing to obtain it, even if it means eradicating an entire race.

-Lord of the Rings (2001-2003): Hobbit Frodo Baggins and a fellowship lead a quest to destroy an evil ring.

-The Dark Knight(2008): A loner vigilante works with the local police force to combat rising criminals, including the Joker.

-House: A man with a vicodin addiction and many other problems makes remarkable decisions regarding medical mysteries with his team of doctors

-Family Guy: A family of comedic people who go through everyday activities making fun of popular occurrences in news and other events.

-The Sapranos (2000-2007): a drama about an Italian-American mobster, Tony Soprano, and the difficulities he and his family face as they try to restore balance within the family and the criminal organization. TEENS THROUGH TIME!
(2000's) By: Ebun Adenekan, Mikey Casaletto, and Derek Stahl, oh, and Harrison Chestnut. Skinny Jeans were extremely popular, even with boys Smaller shoes, like Uggs (slippers) or Vans were sometimes preferable with boys. The rage of the early 2000's.
–Was considered a stepping stone in music and inspired many other styles of music.

Rise Against, Puddle of Mudd, Linkin Park, ACDC. Paired simple, rhythmic beats with poetic lyrics, normally in rhyme. Music used as communication to insult or offend another rapper, societal issue, etc.Later used to express the limited luxuries of life in the 2000's.

– Eminem, Lil Wayne, The Black Eyed Peas, Wiz Khalifa. Teen pop popular at start of the decade, though not as popular among boys. 9/11 marked a time of pop music being very unpopular due to positivity and upbeatness.

Justin Timberlake, Green Day, Cold Play Subcultures Teens
for Texting
Driving Some worry that Teenagers
spend too much time with
NEW TECHNOLOGY Major Historical Events Natural Disaster gave teenage
generationan emotional set back Conflict with terrorist drained
the positive attitudes of teenagers for a while. Magazines! Teenagers Like Games The latest COD was always to be found in GameInformer Celebrity Megan Fox
flustered the "hearts"
of many teenage boys nationwide lol Sports and athletisicm is
a major component of leisure

As we reached the end of the decade, sports became gradually less popular Instead, teenagers are
more concerned with video
games and not physical
activity. Sports Personalities:

Teenagers in the early
decade separate themselves
by the sport they play.

Referred to as 'Jocks' Bush was the subject of ridicule and humor
for a long portion of the decade. First African President
Inspired teenagers to reach their goals
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