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Comenius Unescco-4th EPAL Patras Izmir Kiz Lisesi

27 March 6 April 2013

Sindy Tasoula

on 2 September 2013

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Transcript of Comenius Unescco-4th EPAL Patras Izmir Kiz Lisesi

Meeting in Patras
26 March-6 April 2013
Wednesday 27 March 2013
Arrival of the Turkish delegation in Patras
Meeting with families and students
Thursday 28 March 2013
Friday 29 March 2013
Visit to Patras Science Center
Saturday 30 March 2013
Visit to the Museum of “Rio-Bridge”
Sunday 31 March 2013
Monday 1 April 2013
Tuesday 2 April 2013
Wednesday 3 April 2013
Friday 5 April 2013
Drawing together
Visit to the Archeological place of Vounteni (kouiz)
Saturday 6 April 2013
Departure of the Turkish delegation
Goodbye party
Exchange bazaar
Evaluation of the meeting
Future plans for
exchange of services
and terms of the bazaar
Planning of the work until next meeting
Visit to Saint Andrews’ church
Dancing lessons and presentation of Greek traditional costumes at Laografiko Omilo
Team work “Active citizenship-greener and smarter economy-exchange economy”
Presentation for trade exchange
and time banking
Presentation for Voudeni-
an important site of Mycenaean Achaia
Presentation of the Greek Educational system
Handicraft in the laboratory
of kindergarten assistants
Visit to the Archeological Museum of Patras (drawing)
Thursday 4 April 2013
“Thalassa tragoudismeni”
cultural event in the
Congress Centre of the
University of Patras
Participation in the
race “escape” in the
center of Patras
Presentation of Patras
Presentation of Greek customs for Green Monday and Easter time
Presentation of the questionnaire for exchange economy
Negotiation for the terms and conditions for the exchange bazaar
Writing down the services every student could provide and the interests that has.
Planting an olive tree together
Visit to the laboratory of the sector Food and Technology:
Filling bottles with wine and after that closing them with cork

Visit to the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology and Inventions
Visit to the Museum of the History of the Olympic Games
Visit to the Archaeological Site (race)
Visit to the Archaeological Museum of Ancient Olympia (quiz and drawing)
Table tennis games
Presentation of Izmir,
the Izmir Kiz Lisesi and
the Turkish Educational system
Team games
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