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No description

Alejandro Morales

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of Copy of GUATEMALA

"The Land of the never-ending spring"
Touristic Places
Other Data
Mayan Culture
Antigua Guatemala
Outdoor activities (canopying, hiking, caves, rafting, kayaking)
Mayan ruins
Hiking a volcan
Guatemala City
Advanced architecture, writing, mathematics and astronomy.
Excelled in painting, sculpture, pottery and copper metallurgy, cotton weaving, developed the most comprehensive writing system in pre-Hispanic America
Guatemala is known as the heart of the Mayan world where more than four million descendants still speak Mayan languages.
20 % extreme poverty
40% poverty (People living on less than $1.25 a day)
20% middle lower class
16% middle upper class
4% rich
(owning the 80% of the country’s wealth)
La Merced Church
Hermano Pedro’s Hospital
Restaurants & Nightlife
Antigua Guatemala
Guatemala City
Cayala Mall
Chichicastenango Market

Volcan Pacaya
Semuc Champey
Guided hikes
Lake Atitlan
Santiago and San Pedro
Proyecto Ecoquetzal
Biotopo del Quetzal (tropical cloudforest preserve)
Maya Biosphere Reserve
Rio Dulce
Las Siete Altares
Top Outdoor
Guatemala City
Questions ?
Thank you!
Variety climates and many mountains
37 volcanos.
Spanish, 27 dialects
People (chapines) creative, funny, hardworking

Bad public services
Child work
Low education
Low level of health
Social programs and help from other countries.
specially in rural areas
Interesting facts
Guatemala means the “land of Trees” in a Mayan tongue. It still has the largest protected tree reserves in all of Central America
In the XIX Century The Guatemala Republic constituted the territories of El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua y Costa
Guatemala has the largest collection of UNESCO heritage sites in Latin America: Antigua Guatemala, Antiguan Archeological Park, the ruins of Quirigua, and the National Park of Tikal.
Soluble coffee was invented in Guatemala, 1910.
Guatemala is the world's # 1 exporter of peas to the United States.
It is the 2nd most efficient country to produce sugarcane and the 5th largest exporter in the world.
The "Happy Meal" at McDonald's McDonald's emerged in Guatemala
Manny Marroquín, recording engineer, was nominated for three Grammy Awards in 2004 and won two of them.
The world's smallest story was written by Augusto Monterroso. "The Dinosaur" in 2000 won the Prince of Asturias literary prize.
The Mayan culture first created the concept of Zero.

Catholics 51.3%

Protestantism 36.7%

Atheism 9.1%

Mayan 0.4%

Others 2.5%

Judaism 0.9%
Population: 14.7 millions

The majority of the populations is young people.

40.8% - 0 - 14
55.5% -15 - 65
3.6% - 65 and up
Monde Selection (Belgium): Over 20 Monde Selection Gold Medals.
Grand Trophy: This prize was won by six consecutive times. This medal is awarded for winning three consecutive gold.
Crystal Prestige Award: First brand in Latin America and third in the world to do so by obtaining 10 consecutive years of Gold Medal
Rum Zacapa
Indigenous 40%
No indigenous 40%
others 20%
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