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Parts of Speech

No description

Julie Wash

on 10 November 2015

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Transcript of Parts of Speech

Parts of Speech
Julie Wash
EDIM 508



Now, let's put these parts of speech to use.
First, review by watching this video.
This presentation is intended to give students a variety of ways to learn, interact, and review the 8 parts of speech. The presentation has extended learning opportunities on pronouns as dictated by the Pennsylvania Common Core Standards at grade level 6. The presentation can be used as an instructional tool or an independent learning center. Click on the apple on each slide for the instructional notes.
What's it good for?
Click the links to learn about pronoun/antecedent agreement.
Instructional Notes:
Purpose: to review nouns
Listen to voice instruction.
Read the lesson.
Complete the activity.
Instructional Notes:
Purpose: to review interjections and conjunctions. Click on the game piece to
play the game.
Clink the link to play the game!

Instructional Notes:
Purpose: To learn, review and practice pronoun usage.
First watch the video,
Then click the links to read and complete the self-teaching units.
Instructional Notes:
Purpose: to review and identify prepostions.
Watch the You Tube of the Bazzilions.
Read a page of your independent reading book and identify some prepositions.

Instructional Notes:
Purpose: to review action verbs and note their importance in writing.
Students read the slides.
Students read the poem aloud acting out the verbs as they read them. Afterward, tell a partner what makes a verb like gobble better than a verb like eat.

These are words that describe nouns and help the reader form mental pictures of what we are writing about.

Fred tossed out the
muddy, scratched
baseball bat from the dugout.
shining, black
hair bounced in the
brilliant, gleaming

Let's put the puzzle pieces together
Remember, understanding these 8 parts of speech will help us in speaking and writing.

Now you try.

Write a short creative piece of your own selection. Choose one of the eight parts of speech and write a paragraph about how mindfully using them made your piece better.
Watch the adverb song. Feel free to sing along! While watching jot down some of the adverbs listed. Add some of your own. Then play charades with your group to try and get them to guess your adverb.
Instructional Notes:
Purpose: to review adverbs
Watch and listen to the
Adverb Song
Then click on the game piece and follwo the instructions.
Play charades.

Adverbs describe verbs, adjective and sometimes other adverbs.
Instructional Notes:
Purpose: to learn and review adjectives.
Read the definition.
Then follow the instructions on the picture slide.
Notice adjectives in your independent reading.
names a person, place, thing, or idea
expresses action or state of being
expresses emotion
joins words or groups
of words
shows the relationship of a noun or pronoun to another word in a sentence
used in place of one or more nouns
Parts of Speech!
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