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Curfews For Kids

No description

megan jackson

on 8 November 2013

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Transcript of Curfews For Kids

The End!!
Cites I Used.....
Curfews For Kids
By: Megan Jackson

Curfews For Kids
I believe that curfews should not be allowed in cities and towns because it is a restriction on what you can and cant do. In this prezi I will explain why I feel this way using facts to support my idea.
He thinks that its unfair because there is not as many rights as 18 year old's. He thinks that it is unfair but also good to keep crime underage drinking, gang activity ex. off the streets. (www.nytimes.com)
First writer: Steve
Second Writer : Van Zandt
Van Zandt is against curfews for kids because they don't let his fans who are under 18 years old come and stay after 9:00 pm. Most fans are unable to see him because of the strict curfew rules and they did this because most children override the rules.
The third writer who remains anonymous says that kids should not have a curfew because it takes away constitutional rights. Also how will they learn responsibility and truthfulness if they are being forced?
Third Writer : Anonymous
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