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Principles of Collectivism

No description

Chelsea Maier

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of Principles of Collectivism

by Chelsea Maier Principles of Collectivism Collective Responsibility Adherence to Collective Norms Economic Equality Co-operation Public Property Collective Interest People with larger incomes should pay more taxes
All people should earn equal wages for work of similar value
There should be a guaranteed annual income
All people should share in the wealth of the country/world
People should own the means of production collectively
Everything should be free. There should be no private property Examples:
Canada's policy of progressive taxation
Gandhi thought economic equality depended on individual need and circumstances individuals are unique and have different ideas of how to do things
members of a group or a collective achieve their common goal Examples;
day care centers
health-care centers
credit unions anything not privately owned by individuals
generally owned by the state or the community, and managed according to the best interests of the community Examples:
Crown land
Crown corporations set of interests that members of a group have in common
while individual members may have individual interests, these interests are often better addressed together Examples:
the organized labor movement, which began during the Industrial Revolution
human rights groups
professional groups
international organizations(OIF, AFN...) holding the whole group responsible for the actions of individuals within the group
no individual action for which the group cannot in some way be held accountable Examples:
campaigns against underage drinking
North Korea has a strong central government with complete control over most aspects of citizens' lives and does not allow political opposition groups usually impose standards on their members as a condition of membership in that group
can relate to conduct, values, or appearance Examples:
political parties
faith groups
trade unions
professional groups
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