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Cardiovascular System

No description

John Lui

on 9 May 2018

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Transcript of Cardiovascular System

Cardiovascular System
Pumps the blood

Consists of cardiac muscle tissue
Has 4 chambers
Beats up to 100,000 per day
Pumps over 2,000 gal. of blood per day
Blood Flow
1. enters right antrium
2. goes to right ventricle
3. goes to lungs
4. enters left antrium
5. goes to left ventricle
6. enters aorta
Blood Vessels
Transports blood
Over 60,000 miles

There are 3 types of blood vessels
: Carry oxygen rich blood away from the heart
: thin vessels that exchange oxygen and CO2
: carry blood back toward the heart.
Carries nutrients and
oxygen to cells, also
removes waste

Red blood cells contain hemoglobin that carry oxygen
White blood cells fight off infections
Platelets stop bleeding
Plasma is mostly water and makes up 7% of your weight
Cardiovascular Diseases
Leading cause of death
Heart attack: blood vessels in the heart are blocked
Stroke: blood vessels are blocked
Aneurysm: blood vessel breaks open
Trans fat are bad for you HDL is good cholesterol LDL is bad
Stay away from partial hydrogenated oil
First Aid Tips
What are the symptoms for a heart attack
or stroke?
What should you do?
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