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Theatre Jobs Flow Chart

No description

Oakland Theatre

on 28 January 2015

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Transcript of Theatre Jobs Flow Chart

Theatre Jobs Flow Chart
Leader of the production team

Coordinates work of designers, actors, & crew to tell the same story

Leads rehearsals
Costume designer
Responsible for the visual appearance of the actors and the function of the clothes they wear.

They create the design using the director's concept & vision

Set Designer
Responsible for visual appearance and function of the set

They create the design using the director's concept & vision
Lighting Designer
Responsible for design, installation, and operation of all lights and electrical outlets.

They create the design using the director's concept & vision
Sound Designer
Responsible for design, recording and equipment setup and playback of any sound in the play.

They create the design using the director's concept & vision
Stage Manager
Assists director during the rehearsals and is responsible for all aspects of the show during performances.

"Calls" the show (tells technical crew when they are supposed to do everything like lights, sound, etc.)
Props Master
Responsible for design and production of all decorative and functional props used in a production

Prop Crew
Constructs or finds all props used in a show
Scenic Artist
In charge of painting the scenery for a production using various techniques
Paint Crew
Paints the set according to the designer's and scenic artist's instructions
Technical Director
Head of all the technical aspects of the set during the rehearsals and performances.

Oversees all construction needs and budgetary concerns during the build.
Scene Shop Foreman
Master carpenter.

Responsible for construction, mounting, and rigging of the scenery.

Supervises carpenters and scene shop.
Construction Crew
Constructs all the scenery. Moves the set from the shop and loads in to the stage.
Costume Shop Supervisor
Builds or supervises the building of the costumes.
Costume Crew
Build, dye, cut, sew costumes.
Wardrobe Run Crew
Responsible for the upkeep of the costumes during performances.

Responsible for quickly helping actors change costumes during performances.
Master Electrician
Supervises lights- hang, focus and maintenance.

Responsible for all lighting equipment and upkeep.
Hang, focus, and run lights under the supervision of the Master Electrician.
Sound Crew
Does actual recording, editing, and playback of the sound during rehearsals and performances.
Stage Crew
Shifts the set during the tech and dress rehearsals and performances.
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