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Peggy the Slave

No description

konny more

on 26 October 2014

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Transcript of Peggy the Slave

Peggy the Slave
The infamous 1801 advertised offering Peggy for sale is proof that that slavery was a Canada institution, Although our history did not begin with slavery, the enslavement of our ancestors in very much a part of our history and affect are treated today whenever they live.
How Peggy and Slaves were Affected by white people.
It affects how they think, how they behave, how they view themselves and other who look like them. It also affects how they are treated in places like Canada, where the people in power are white and their mind set is influenced by history. And Peggy did not like that especially for her kids.
What happened to her husband?
Russell was appointed to act in Simcoe's position when Simcoe left upper Canada in 1796. Peggy Pompadour's husband was a free African man who worked for Peter and Elizabeth Russell.However, his family was owned by the Russell siblings, who had complete control over their lis and could sell members of his family at will.
Slavery existed throughout Canada and was just as brutal as slavery in America or Anywhere else Africans were enslaved by white people. Enslaved African were not allowed to name themselves or their children, they language or practice their spiritual beliefs.
Peggy's Home Country
Peggy:Difficult Property.
Peggy the Slave
By Konny,Eyesha,Zora,Diana..........
Peter Russell try to sell Peggy to Mathew Elliott.
When he could not sell Peggy, he advertised in upper Canada in York, 19 September 1801.
The difficult behaviour may have been a deliberate ploy, slaves sometimes used this kind of dissembling as a strategy to get their own way-Historians of slaver call this behaviour "Slave Resistance".
What happened?
Peggy Pompadour and her three children (Jupiter, Amy, and Milly) were owned by Peter Russell and his sister Elizabeth Russell
Russell was a member of the family compact of upper Canada (Ontario) and included Lieutenant-Governor, John Graves Simcoe; William Jarvis, William Osgoode and Petter Russell.
Slaves din't have
Rights like us!
Peggy's home country was Africa,
she came to Canada when she
just a little girl, as she had to o
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