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Blackberry Project Situation Analysis and Conceptual Plan

No description

Christina Richardson

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Blackberry Project Situation Analysis and Conceptual Plan

Project Situation Analysis and Conceptual Plan by Christina Richardson, Kimberly Anastos, Victoria Seggio, Drew Olsen, and Dan Gallagher Strengths Weaknesses Reputation for businessmen
Strong operating system
New features
Time Shift
Battery life
Available for all US carriers
Button Availability App store
Voice Control
Brand Image
Low Market Share and Financial Standing
Delayed product launch
Weak Marketing Strategy Opportunities Broaden target market
New Marketing strategy
Blackberry Messenger (BBM) Threats Intense competition
Dependability on Z10
Future obsolescence Blackberry Background RIM is a Canadian telecommunication and wireless equipment company
Known for their Blackberry smartphones and tablets
In 2009, Blackberry had 20% of market share. Today they have 5%.
Before the stock market crash of 2008, the stock price was $142.75 and today is it $13.
Maintained growth by selling in emerging markets Factors creating the
Problem and Opportunity Primary problem: Intense competition such as Apple and Google
Secondary problem: Less variety in products
Primary opportunity: Blackberry Z10 SWOT Analysis Target Market Age ranges from 25-54
Household income ranges from $75,000-$149,000
Southern Americans
Married couples
Caucasians Design Soft leather backing, bigger screen, lower image quality Thinner and lighter design, two-toned colors, smaller screen, higher image quality. User interface
and control Gesture control, higher learning curve, "not pick up and play" "Brings more to the table while keeping it simplified" Features Word suggestions, Universal search, HDMI, balance feature Faster, Siri more informative, "best personal assistant on the market", better maps, App store tops in history Web Flash support, built in picture editing iTunes, full-screen online browser, best smartphone camera on market Performance 10.5 hours of battery life 8 hours of battery life, but it is faster Marketing Strategy "I think it's fair to admit that we missed a cycle of innovation a couple years ago, the move to 4G was focused on building on our presence in emerging markets. And we were late to the 4G game in the Americas." - Jeff Gadway, of the Marketing Department for Blackberry 10
Delayed release date on Blackberry 10 New and Current Marketing Strategy Blackberry is currently trying to refashion its image and win over consumers
Using a "genuine" marketing strategy
Authentic as a brand
Word of Mouth
Blackberry Jam Tours New and Current
Marketing Strategy "Keep Moving" Initiative
Hired Alicia Keys as Global Creative Director
No endorsements Our Suggested Strategies for Blackberry Moving forward with promoting the Z10, Blackberry should stick to their genuine and authentic style of marketing
Blackberry needs to reach out to consumers; a struggling company cannot expect customers to search for their promotional media themselves
Need to narrow the scope of their communication efforts and focus on niche markets.
Blackberry needs to consider lowering their pricing to alleviate competitive pressure Conceptual Plan Brand Image Move away from current image of an "old" brand
Build brand equity through its business features balanced with its entertainment features
Switch from Research In Motion to BlackBerry
Enforce the idea that the BlackBerry 10 is not just a business phone New Campaign to Promote BlackBerry 10 Public Relations
"Keep Moving" Initiative
Alicia Keys, Robert Rodriguez, Neil Gaiman
Continue to expand to more celebrities
Customer Loyalty
Reward loyal customers with early upgrade to Z10
Organic word-of-mouth promotion New Campaign to Promote
BlackBerry 10 Social Media Promotion
Increase presence on social media platforms
Incorporate Traditional Media Presence
Launch television advertisement campaigns BlackBerry Today Biggest Communication Issues Lack of communication in recent years
Have to remind consumers that they are still in the game
They aren't advertising enough at this point
Advertising doesn't have enough reach
Target market it too broad Arsenault, Adrienne. “A behind-the-scenes look at BlackBerry’s strategy.” CBC News. 30 January 2013. Web. <http://www.cbc.ca/news/technology/story/2013/01/29/f-vp-arsenault-blackberry.html>
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