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The First Great Human Migration

A little history about a migration wont hurt

pete slogo

on 14 March 2015

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Transcript of The First Great Human Migration

Scientists found out that the humans who migrated were Africans because the scientists found skulls and studied them and found out they were African skulls.
When: 80,000 years ago
Why: the people were running out of food and water, and climate change made them migrate.
They designed tools, they understood the seasons, they knew when animals would come back from migrating. Africa was a grass land but then it became a desert, so food and water was harder to find.
Where: they started the migration in the Horn of Africa then they traveled over the Red Sea into Yemen (now called the Arabian Peninsula) After they got to Yemen the split up and went north and south. When they started migrating they said they would never meet again. They stopped at places with a gentle climate.
If the Great Human Migration never happened 1000 years ago some places will start having people.

What happenend
video of the first great human migration
enjoy this video:):):):):)
The Map
If you are wondering where the humans migrated to, here is a map.
Where I got my research
By Pete Slogo
The First Great Human Migration
Video: The Earliest Human Migration
Distributor: Discovery Education
Year: Posted on YouTube in 2014

you are being watched. :)
youre being watched
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