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Copy of Introduction to Genetic Genealogy

Discover the Past Through Genetic Inheritance

Paul Woodbury

on 11 April 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Introduction to Genetic Genealogy

Introduction to Genetic Genealogy
By Paul Woodbury
Why DNA?
Advantages of Genetic Inheritance over Legal Inheritance:
Equal Inheritance
Universal Inheritance
Independent Inheritance
All children inherit equally
No "Sole and Universal Heir"
Equal Inheritance
D'Atournou, Pierre. "Testament d'Engrace Salanouve" Minutes Notariales des Pyrénées Atlantiques. (3 E 11014). Archive Departemental des Pyrénées Atlantiques: Pau, France
Universal Inheritance

All children inherit
Independent Inheritance
Inheritance by one child
does not affect inheritance
by another
What is DNA?
Deoxyribonucleic Acid
Double Helix
4 Bases
How does it wor
k ?
Genetic Code
How does it wor
k ?
Amino Acid Sequence
How does it wor
k ?
Protein Structure
Protein Function
Where is DNA located?
The Four Types of DNA
"The Four Types of DNA" GeneTree. Uploaded August 10, 2012, Youtube.com. Accessed: 9 Feb 2013
Y Chromosome
Sex Chromosome
Passed from Father to Son
Thomas Jefferson
Mitochondrial DNA
Located in the mitochondria of the cell
Much smaller than nuclear DNA
Passed from a mother to her children
Both males and females have mitochondrial DNA
Only females pass on their mitochondrial DNA
Romanov Family
King Richard III
X Chromosome
A Sex Chromosome
Females have two: 1 from father, 1 from mother
Males have one from their mother
X-chromosomes passed through the mother undergo "recombination"
"Crossing over"
Some DNA is mixed or shuffled before it is passed onto the next generation
Y Chromosomes and Mitochondrial DNA do not undergo recombination
Autosomal DNA
All Chromosomal DNA that is not a sex chromosome
Undergoes recombination every generation
Josef Mengele
Silverware and a Doughnut Maker
Sheet Music of George Lambert Woodbury: 1891-1930
Family Photo Album: 8 generations
SNP - Single Nucleotide Polymorphism
STR - Short Tandem Repeat
Groups of individuals that share a common ancestor in the distant past as evidenced by shared mutations
Defined by SNP markers
0 differences
1 difference
1 difference
2 differences
Woodbury Y-DNA
Additional Resources
The Genetic Genealogy Consultant - <www.geneticgenealogyconsultant.com>
Your Genetic Genealogist – < www.yourgeneticgenealogist.com >
DNA eXplained – < dna-explained.com >
The Genetic Genealogist – <www.thegeneticgenealogist.com >
The Legal Genealogist – < legalgenealogist.com/blog/ >
Haplogroup - <www.haplogroup.org>

Uses of Genetic Genealogy
Name changes
Difficult-to-trace ancestors
And much more...

Young man, you’ve got Y-DNA and it
Probably goes with your own surname
If you test it, it will identify
Your very own paternal haplotype

Also, in your mitochondria, you’ve got
more genes and they come from your mom
They’re lots smaller, but they’ll still help you find
Your relation to all mankind:

Its fun to analyze YMXA Its fun to analyze YMXA
Test your own genes, find who shares them with you, Collaboration is what you do!
YMXA, its fun to analyze YMXA
With the Y chromosome and the mitochondria you find dad’s dad and mom’s mom’s mom

Next up, with your X chromosome you get
More clues but not all on their own.
Recombination and wacky heredity
Make it hard to only use these

More leads from the other 22
Their autosomal and they recombine too
With statistics find your next of kin
They might be your own fourth cousin

Its fun to analyze YMXA Its fun to analyze YMXA
Take a simple cheek swab, test your whole family you can grow your own family tree
YMXA its fun to analyze YMXA
Inheritance and your heredity help uncover your history


Paul Woodbury
Thomas Lippertt
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