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Coke and Pepsi learn to compete in India

No description

Waleed Alsayed

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Coke and Pepsi learn to compete in India

Coke and Pepsi Learn to Compete in India International Marketing

Waleed Alsayed
Bader Altatawy
Ebru Ozgencil
Jenny Zhang Case Background SWAT / Porter's Analysis Recommendations Pepsi and Coke Image Media Government Community SWAT
Allegations Case Background Recommendations Agenda Overview Pepsi Entered the Indian market in 1986
Under 3 conditions
1- Sales could not exceed 25% of total sales.
2- Change its brand name to “Lehar Pepsi
3- Process and distribute local fruits and vegetables. Coke attempted to re-enter Indian market in 1990
Coke application turned down Pepsi’s application was just being approved
Coke successfully returned to the Indian market in 1993 " Britco Foods" 2 4 5 In depth Analysis Thank you!

Question? Porter's 4 P's SWAT Cultural Forces Coke First entrance to the Indian market in 1958
In 1977 dispute with Indian government
decided to leave the Indian market Product Price Place Promotion Product localization,
Increased product line Glocalization Local Partnership
Celebrity endorsement
New products category
Traditional event sponsorship and sport Strengthen public relationship:

To maintain good relations with local government
To create an alliance with Indian Health Organizations (eg: CSE)
To enhance trust among social activists
To take the advantages of media

Re-invest some profit back into the community and country

Culture awareness training among management team

Contamination Allegations and Water Usage Trust and Reputation" & " Market Share"

- Underestimate Allegations & Negative feedback Large cities
Rural areas to create brand preference Sponsorship, Campaign event, Celebrity endorsement, Music and TV, Coke lounge, Advertisement Pepsi: Aggressive price policy
Coca Cola: " Affordability plank"
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