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Everything Stuck to Him by Robert Carver

mr. robertson english 3 short story project

Rachel Thomson

on 14 January 2013

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Transcript of Everything Stuck to Him by Robert Carver

by Robert Carver Everything Stuck to Him Raymond Carver Bio Effects on Our Group - Born May 25th, 1938
- Died August 2nd, 1988
- From a sparsely populated area in the pacific northwest which the environment influenced his writing
- Had financial problems for most of his life
- Never wrote a full-length novel
- Became an alcoholic like his father which also influenced his writing A father and daughter meet in Milan, Italy. The daughter asks her father to tell a story of what it was like when she was a baby. The father tells a story about young couple with a baby. The boy gets an invitation to go hunting and gets ready to go, however, the baby will not stop crying the night before and the girl believes that the baby is sick. Still, the boy wants to go hunting and the couple get into an argument over him staying or going hunting. The girl offers an ultimatum to choose between hunting or his family. He chooses hunting at first but then changes his mind and stays with the girl and their baby instead. Summary The setting begins in Milan, Italy with the father and daughter sitting and drinking together. The atmosphere created seems distant and reminiscent, as it appears the two are not close
The setting then changes in the flashback to the small apartment the couple lives in. The new setting creates a tense and stressful mood, as the couple's marriage seems strained because they are not getting much sleep due to the baby and are on edge with each other Setting and Mood When the waffles and syrup spill onto his lap, the boy says everything "stuck to him". This symbolizes his marriage how he is "stuck" in his marriage. Afterward, he says he is "starved" and this may mean that he is starved of his sense of freedom and feels stifled. This supports the theme of distance as he pushes himself away from his family in order to have some freedom. Meaning of the Title We learned not to have a baby at a young age where you can't support the baby
Don't get married early so you won't get stuck and not have time to enjoy life
There is not always a happy ending because it seems like the couple broke up in the end (Divorced) Project by Logan, Sara, and Rachel published 1981 Hunting
Your Family? Characters Father/Boy
Has a daughter
Between round and flat (due to limited
exposure to characters)
Tells the story of him and his wife
when his daughter was a baby
Feels stifled by his marriage Mother/Girl
She is the girl in the flashback
Gives the boy an ultimatum
Tired of taking care of taking care of the baby all the time
Frustrated the boy wants to go hunting over staying home to take care of the baby
Apologetic after offering the ultimatum Daughter
She asks her father to tell a story of her childhood
She's the baby in the flashback
Seems distant from her father, calm The father and daughter are sitting at a cafe in Milan, Italy and she asks her father to tell a story of what it was like when she was a child. The story begins with a young couple who have a baby. They are a working family, just barely making ends meet. The boy is invited by a friend of his that he hasn't seen in awhile to go hunting. He tells his wife and she's fine with taking care of the baby on her on that day Then the baby won't stop crying and the girl thinks that the baby
may be sick. She wants the boy to stay and help her take care of the baby However, the boy still wants to go hunting so the girl forces him to choose either hunting or his family First the boy chooses to go hunting, then he changes his mind to stay with his family In the morning about to eat breakfast, the boy spills his waffles and syrup over his pants. The couple laughs about it and he goes to change. After that, the couple make up and agree not to fight anymore Back in the present, the boy gets ready to show his daughter around the city. Themes Choices
The main conflict in the story involves whether or not the boy will choose hunting over his family
Because Carver doesn't name the characters, there is not really a sense of personality which prevents the characters from really being close to each other
It is the boy's responsibility as a father to be with his child when she is sick, not to go hunting Plot Examples of Literary Devices Foreshadowing: The baby kept on crying which might foreshadow that something was wrong with her.
Symbolism: When the boy spills the waffles and syrup on his pants, it symbolizes their marriage and how he is stuck in it like the syrup stuck to his pants
Lack of characterization (not giving the characters names): In the end, the boy and his daughter seem distant and names never seemed to matter because they weren't close Author's Purpose Raymond Carver was trying to showcase how
working people's lives are and an average couple's struggles. He illustrated that distance is a common thing and choices are a major part of life.
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