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Procrastination Presentation

No description

Brie Eddington

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Procrastination Presentation

in the Workplace Procrastination Types of Procrastinators Help For Procrastination Procrastination: To put off or defer an action until a later time - Dictionary.com

Why Do We Procrastinate?
- We are busy doing other things
- We don't want to do it
- We don't think it will take very long
- We feel overwhelmed by the project
- We don't see the project as important
-What else?

-Sticky notes
-The reward system
-Keeping a planner
- Working a a team
- Time Management courses
Study conducted on the effectiveness of a time management seminar

Find out what works for you Website: http://www.procrastinationhelp.info/types-of-procrastinators.html
The Relaxed Type
The Intelligent Procrastinator Type
The Decisional Procrastinator Type
The Escapist Procrastinator
The Afraid Type of Procrastinator Stress Affects the Whole Body Head issues with mood, anger, depression, irritability, sadness, lack of energy, sleeping issues, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, and headaches Skin skin problems like acne Joints and Muscles aches and pains, tension, lowered bone density Heart increased blood pressure and
higher cholesterol Stomach stomach cramps, reflux,
and nausea, and weight fluctuations Intestines digestive issues like irritable bowl syndrome, diarrhea and constipation Immune System reduced ability to battle and recover from illness Paperwork Tips *Complete paperwork
immediately after task is
*Do paperwork right the
first time
* Don't wait to pass the
paperwork on to the
next person who needs it.
*Organize your paperwork in a filling system by date
*Make a list of what needs to be done
* Rank your list from urgent and important to not urgent or important Problems Associated with
Illness/Stress at Work * May be less efficient

* May be less productive

* Take more sick days

* Slower to complete tasks

* Have a difficult time understanding what you need to do

* Could even get fired Yoga Activity Tips for Meeting Deadlines 1. Care about deadlines
2. Keep a list of projects and deadlines
3. Break down the project/focus on the first step
4. Have a start and complete date for each step
5. Have a soft deadline
6. Set aside adequate time to work on the project
7. Don't over commit
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