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No description

Paige Decker

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Anthropology

Double click anywhere & add an idea Anthropology Entry level salary
is about $36,333,
and overall to get all the
requirements needed to
become a Forensic Anthropologist
it would take about four years. Entry Level-
Bachelor of Arts Degree in Anthropology
Bachelor's degree in chemistry,
biology, anatomy, physiology, or anthropology.
A graduate level degree in Anthropology or human biology.
Advanced Level salary is
about $54,221. And it would
take about 2-3 years to
become an advanced Forensic
Scientist Advanced Anthropology:
You will need a masters degree of
arts in anthropology. PHD and a min
of three years of experience in forensic
anthropology. Training in mathematics
and statistics Bibliography:

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