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Jefferson Davis

No description

laura dowdy

on 22 May 2017

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Transcript of Jefferson Davis

when he entered the army
Feffrsone davises chiled home
Jefferson Davis had a good child hood where his only friend was his sister Polly who was 2 years older than him. He learned how to hunt fish ride horses and farm. He attended both local schools as well as an boarding school. Away from home.
he entered the us military on west point and he gradgerrated on 1828 right before Robert E.LEE. Following west point, Jefferson Davis served in front peer post and entrestell he served under Cornell Zackery Talery and Jefferson Davis married Cornell Zackery taleys daughter but his wife Sarah passed away.  After 3 months of being married. And Davis was devastated. After that he then left the army.
when he joined back into the army
for the next 10 years he farmed cotton plantation brier filed during this period Davis married 35 year old verino howl .A teenager half his age from a leading misspisspie family then he entered in to politics. When the Mexican American war brock out Davis resinded back to congress and he went back into the arm.
Jefferson Davis
Jefferson Davis was the first conceders of the civil war. The youngest out of ten kids he was born in a log cabin in Kentucky on June 3 on 1808
Jefferson Davis

By: Graycie Rodgers
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