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Study in CESL's Intensive English Program!

No description

ua cesl

on 26 October 2015

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Transcript of Study in CESL's Intensive English Program!

Learn how...
Study in CESL's Intensive English Program!
Apply to
Application requirements:

Submit online application: https://ceslapp.arizona.edu/admissions/iep/
Pay $110 USD non-refundable application fee
Submit copy of passport
Submit financial guarantee
Submit Financial Guarantee Authorization form
Transfer form (for transfer students)
I-94 and visa copies (for transfer students)
Write down and remember your nine-digit CESL ID number (it starts with 9990)
Complete application
received by CESL
CESL needs 1-2 weeks to process your application and issue I-20. If everything is complete and you are an eligible applicant, we will send your admission packet with I-20 via FEDEX.
Receive your
Admission packet with I-20
Pay the $200 SEVIS fee (if you have not paid it yet in your CESL application)
You can pay CESL $330 when you first apply instead of the $105 so that CESL pays your SEVIS in advance.
Schedule visa appointment and prepare for your interview
More information: www.cesl.arizona.edu/visa
Prepare your arrival
Book your flight!
Arrange your housing! www.cesl.arizona.edu/housing
Arrange your CESL-prepaid airport transportation with AZ Stage Coach (optional): http://www.azstagecoach.com/
Pre-pay CESL for tuition and fees (if you want): www.cesl.arizona.edu/pay
Contact your bank and alert them you are travelling so you can use your credit/debit card in the USA
Check the orientation week schedule: http://www.cesl.arizona.edu/arrival-orientation
Learn more about life in USA and Tucson: http://www.cesl.arizona.edu/arrival
Prepare your MMR vaccination requirement: http://www.cesl.arizona.edu/immunization-insurance
Make friends
Improve your English
Join CESL activities
Travel, learn, enjoy
Connect with the University of Arizona
All application details at:
And have the time of your life!
+1 (520) 621-3637
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