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Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

No description

Andrea Pinto

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
Comic Profiles
There are numerous characters in the show that have been identified as humorous roles. The three characters that have been focused on as the main comical characters are Will Smith, Carlton Banks, and Hilary Banks. These three characters all show different uses of comic techniques. Will Smith seems to state the obvious facts and is shown making fun of people's appearances. Carlton always likes to complicate descriptions that can be easily said in one word and to add to the humor Carlton's sophisticated voice seems to make modern, slang words 'lame'. Hilary Banks' jokes usually comes from her unintelligence.
Cited Work





Fresh Prince had begun on September 10, 1990. The show has been airing for six years. Unfortunately, this show had come to a stop in 1996.

The sitcom consisted of
characters that have been focused on the most. However,
actors that were casted in the T.V series. This meant that one of the characters were being played by two different actors. Vivian Banks was played by both Janet Hubert and Daphne Ried. The cause of the situation was that Janet Hubert was fired from her job. It is believed that Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton Banks), thought that she could not cast the role correctly. Also, Janet Hubert and Will Smith were not very friendly with each other. At the time, Will Smith was the director, and when Alfonso brought his thoughts on Janet, it was obvious that Will would fire her.

The show was cancelled after the fourth season by NBC, but the fans of the show reacted and the sitcom ran for two more seasons.

Will Smith
Will Smith is the main character, who grew up poor. He is looked upon as a very immature and careless role. He was frequently called to be a disrespectful person by Uncle Phil. Will Smith is noted as the most funniest character on the show. This is because, he tends to crack jokes during sad and frustrating moments (comic relief). He also likes to joke about someone's looks or personality. For example, he often insults Uncle Phil about his weight. Sometimes, Will also likes to state the obvious.

For ex.

Carlton Banks
Carlton Banks is known to be another comical character in this hit T.V. series. Carlton is a very smart, respectable man that is very preppy. This is what he uses to create humor. He is the second oldest child in the Banks family and Will's cousin. Since Carlton was raised in a proper manner, he approaches things in a more proper way and he would usually describe the event or situation in a more literal way. Carlton is often seen as 'trying to act as a snobby, rich white kid' according to Will.

For ex.

This T.V show also had a huge crew. The show has had 15 directors, 35 producers, and about 65 writers.

Andy Borowitz
Benny Medina
Susan Stevenson

Werner Walian (1990-1996)
Lisa Rosenthal (1991-1992)
Leilani Downer (1995)
and more
Fresh Prince of Bel- Air is about a young teenage boy called, Will Smith. He is not the richest, smartest, or well- mannered man. He lived in Philadelphia, but moved to California after causing some trouble in school. He is forced to live with his rich relatives, the Banks Family. Will's mother wants him to learn some good old- fashioned values and thought that he can learn these values from the Banks Family.

Throughout the sitcom Will learns how taking advantage of money is not as important as his family. However, sometimes Will helps the Banks family experience moments an average family would experience. For ex. he shows the family how to celebrate a typical Christmas at his home without any fancy decorations and dinners.
Will Smith
Will Smith
Alfonso Ribeiro
Carlton Banks
Philip Banks
Karyn Parsons
Hillary Banks
Joseph Marcell
Geoffrey Butler
Tatyana Ali
Ashley Banks
Janet Hubert
Vivian Banks
Daphne Ried
This Sitcom was directed in a studio located in L.A, California, USA.
Most of the show is situated in the Bank's mansion in Bel-Air.
Hilary Banks
Hilary Banks is the first daughter of Vivian and Philip Banks. She is portrayed as an eco-loving, shopping obsessed type of girl. Hilary also seems to be valued for the humor she creates. Every comment she makes always make someone laugh. In this sitcom, Hilary is not the sharpest needle in the haystack. She is portrayed as an unintelligent character. This is what she uses to create humor.

For ex.

The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is a hilarious sit com that the whole family can enjoy!
James Avery died on December 31, 2013 due to complications from his previous open heart surgery.
Here is a clip from the first episode of Fresh Prince
James Avery
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