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Chinese Heritage

No description

Grace Wang

on 11 February 2016

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Transcript of Chinese Heritage

Chinese Language
Chinese Language
The Chinese Language is very different from other languages.There is Mandarin and many other Chinese dialects depending on which city you come from.
History of Chinese
Chinese words are written by what the thing looks like.For example, if I wanted to write the word fish, the Chinese word looks like a fish because the picture of a fish was converted to a word.(If you still don't get it,look at the picture.)
Chinese Writing
There are also accents in the Chinese language.They are really important because the accent changes the meaning of the word.
Traditional and Simplified
Some Chinese words are really difficult to write so there is also a simplified version of it.
The reason why the Chinese language is difficult is because when you write a word, it has a specific sequence.You have to follow that sequence otherwise, it is wrong.
Both of these words mean turtle.
Chinese Pinyin
There is something called pinyin in Chinese which is used for you to help pronounce words.
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