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Love Junk!!!

No description

Britz Hjornevik

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Love Junk!!!

Birth.. Sister Love! TV Show.. Switched at Birth It's about two girls that got switched at birth and found out when they were 16 years old. Daphne Bay A
Story ABC Family Asia Russia Afghanistan Madagascar Aruba Libya Mexico Bahrain Denmark Egypt Djibouti Finland France Spain Fiji Gabon Switzerland Germany China Canada Cuba Oman Norway Chile Iraq Kenya Jersey Russia A
True Story in When Yuliya and Yuri Belyaeva were getting divorced, Yuri refused to pay child support. He didn’t believe his daughter Irina. Who looked nothing like him, that was his child. A judge ordered a DNA test to find out, and the results showed Irina wasn’t either of theirs biologically. Police located the other mother across town in Russia's Chelyabinsk. Both families planned to sue the hospital for $158,300. But because it’s been so long since the mix-up, they can’t press charges against any individual staff members who were involved. Anya and Irina both want to continue to be raised by the parents they know and love. A
Story in America.. 10-11-11 Happened on The Story
Rebecca and Callie.. Happened in
2000 Callie C. and Rebecca C. had been switched in hospital soon after being born, the girls were already 11 years old and one child's parents had died in a car crash. Callie was placed in the hospital to get a check up before going to a foster care. Found out that she wasn't there kid and soon got hold of birth parents and told them the story. Callie's birth parents agreed to take care of both girls. The End... "Well, here's to being switched at birth and getting a food truck to compensate for the damages."
~ Daphne ~ "Because crazy and unfair things never happen to me?"
~ Bay ~ "Some day you're gonna have to forgive me. Leaving you and Irina was wrong, but I'm here now trying to make up for it."
~ Yuri ~ "Listen to me, this isn't the worst thing that has ever happened. People did something thoughtless, people suffered, you try to make amends and you move on."
~ Rebecca's Mother ~
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