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Odin the Norse God

Information on the Norse God Odin

Gokulan Vaasuthevan

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of Odin the Norse God

Odin The Norse God Odin By: Gokulan Vaasuthevan Who is Odin? Norse god of war, wisdom, poetry, death, and magic some Odin's symbols and weapons His symbol is the Triple Horn of Odin He has a spear called Gungnir Rides a horse called Sleipnir Father of all Norse gods Odin's Appearance Why Odin has one eye Odin's servants Huginn and Muninn Other Norse Gods related to Odin The Triple Horn How Odin is related to today's society Things that Odin has done Myth/Tale about Odin Gods in other cultures similar to Odin He wears a winged helmet or a flopped hat A blue cloak Has one eye He is a shape shifter His appearence changes every time Odin wanted knowledge and wisdom so he went to drink out of the Well of Wisdom Mimir, the being that owned the Well of Wisdom wanted something in return for a sip from the fountain Odin then sacrificed his eye for a sip from the Well 2 Crows
Muninn Sleipnir Sleipnir Muninn understands the importance that he placed on the rune writing, record keeping, and honoring heroic deeds of the past Huginn is thought Muninn is memory They they fly around the world everyday Huginn and Muninn can see everything that happens around the world At the end of the day they report to Odin Odin likes Muninn better Can carry the rider to the underworld is a eight legged horse the battle horse that Odin rides into battle can go very fast with eight legs is a offspring of Loki and Svadilfari son of Bor(the earth god) Thor, Vali, and Baldur are his sons is married to Frigg his brothers are Ve and Vili The Triple Horn represents the three drinking horns that Odin drank from Dwarves killed him Kvasir was the dead god Anyone who drank from it would gain that god's wisdom and magical skills The horns had dead gods blood with honey Ganesha Zeus Ares Mercury Many weapons and vehicles are named after this powerful god When Odin is translated into English it becomes Woden It was then the name of a weekday Wodensday Slowly it soon turned into Wednesday Also it is said that Odin gave humans the gift of being able to write Odin is in many video games as well When he comes to earth he likes to cause trouble so fights and wars start Odin disguises as himself and goes and visits the mortal world Other gods make up his court Lives in a place called Valhalla and anybody killed in battle goes there Wizardry was often done with runes and Odin got his information of the runes through a weird experience. He hung from a tree for nine nights without food or drink and with a spear stabbed into his side. By suffering this way he gained all the knowledge of the mysterious runes. Once the nine days were over the ground opened up and he fell in and the runes were there. He read them, and that is how he is so great at magic Thank You For Listening

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