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My Muses

No description

Savannah Kjaer

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of My Muses

My Muses
Water inspires me to be calm. When I jump in suddenly all my problems seem less complicated, and the solutions are clear. Sound is blocked out and just me and my thoughts remain.
Big Cats
They are stealthy, fierce predators. Despite their power, when they hunt they control themselves and keep quiet. Big cats inspire me to use all my strengths to my advantage.
They float in the sky. Not a lot of other things naturally do. That is why clouds amaze me. The clouds remind me that anything is possible, because they defy gravity.
Tube Worms
Hayley lets her emotions out in a positive way, by making music, by singing. She taught me that keeping emotions bottled up inside you isn't an effective way to deal with them, it will only make your problems grow.
Night Sky
The night sky humbles me. It lets me see that I am a small piece of something much bigger than myself. The sky stretches on and on and I am one dot on a vast plain.
(tigers, leopards, etc.)
(singer for paramore)
They survive without any dependance on the sun. In short, they extract chemicals from the water speying deep-sea geysers they live on. It was generally believed that all living things need sun, but tube worms proved them wrong. They inspire me to persevere despite others' doubt.
Hayley Williams
By: Savannah Kjaer
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