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Starwars applciation

Monica Choo

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Starwars

Thi-Sen is the tribal leader of Talz in planet Orto Plutonia. Originally from planet Alzoc III, the Talz settled in colony Orto Plutonia. Until it was discovered by the Galactic Empire during Clone Wars, Orto Plutonia was undiscovered. Although there is no unusual chemical substance in the atmosphere, Orto Plutonia is a freezing climate environment with ice wastelands and canyons, resembling the arctic environment on Earth. Like other territories in the Outer Rim Territories, it has not been widely settled or explored. Its lack of popularity is unquestionable, seeing how the climate is frigid. Unlike Talz’s tundra homeland Alzoc III, which was full of minerals, Orto Plutonia did not have many resources. In fact, resources are so limited that the concept of ownership is non-existent in Talz tribe. Topped off with cold climate, Talz was not very advanced in its technology. When the Galactic Empire discovered them, they still lived primitive lives, constructing simple shelters for protection against icy climate. Their primitive lifestyle led to a tribal society instead of a complex society. They carve out ice walls and make huts made from animal skins and bone frames. Talz have four eyes. The larger set of eyes is shut during the day. This is because during the day, large amount of sunlight is reflected off the snow, and this can blind their eyes. In planet Orto Plutonia, there is no moon. Thus at night, Talz use the larger set of eyes for sufficient vision. Talz are bulky creatures covered in white thick fur. The white fur blends in with the snowy environment and provides brilliant insulation in the arctic climate. Talz are 2 to 2.5 meters tall and have extremely large hands. For better transportation in deep snow, Talz ride on creature Narglatch. Its non-retractable claws and padded feet make it harder for enemies to track it in snow. Since it is afraid of fire, snowy environment of Orto Plutonia is suitable. Its fierceness helps Talz in battles. Based on my research, exactly what Talz eat is unknown. However, Talz use a small proboscis to eat and communicate. Proboscis are tube-shaped feeding and sucking organs of insects. Thus it is not autotrophic. It is also unlikely that they are largely carnivorous, since carnivorous creatures have sharp, large teeth to chew fat and muscles. Also, based on the climate, it is not some kind of tropical plants or animals, probably not any type of fruit. In some ways, they look like polar bears walking upright. Both have white furs for insulation and are large in sizes. Although menacing by their appearances (their enormous sizes plus 6 meter long narglatches can be quite frightening), they are gentle and diligent workers. During Clone Wars, instead of acting violently, they tried to peacefully solve the problem by asking Pantorans to leave the planet. Fortunately, by the end of the war, Orto Plutonia and Talz were left in peace. Thi-Sen Talz Monica Choo
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