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Analyzing Advertisements

Analyzing Advertisements - Social 9A

Clare Talbot

on 8 March 2011

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Transcript of Analyzing Advertisements

Analyzing Advertisements Clare Talbot 9a Bandwaggon Effect Emotional Appeal Glittering Generalities Plain Folks Appeal Testimonials Scientific Appeal This McDonald's advertisement is an example of the bandwagon effect because it encourages consumers to buy the product because everyone else is. The statements "serving Hawaii since 1968 with 75 stores statewide" and "voted one of Hawaii's best American foods" are used to inform potential customers of McDonald's popularity, in the hopes that people will want to buy McDonald's because everyone else is. This Heinz ketchup advertisement is an example of emotional appeal because it uses strong emotional language that connects with the consumer's fears and desires. The statement "NO SIN: more tomatoes less sugar" connects with the everyday consumer's desire to eat healthier food in order to stay in good shape. This Fanta advertisement is an example of glittering generalities because it relates the product to words and images that promise everything but really deliver little or nothing. That this advertisement claims that Fanta can turn a dull party into a great one is in my opinion, a glittering generality because I doubt that any soft drink has the power to do what Fanta claims their soft drink can do. This advertisement for the Dove campaign for real beauty is an example of plain folks appeal because it relates the campaign and product to the experiences of ordinary people. By featuring a normal, middle aged woman in their advertisement, and going against the media in saying that her wrinkles are what makes her wonderful, the dove campaign is attracting ordinary women by claiming that ordinary women are beautiful. This Lancome advertisement for "Magnifique" perfume is an example of a testimonial because it features celebrity Anne Hathaway as a way to draw consumers to their product. Using a celebrity like Anne Hathaway draws consumers to the product because they become interested in trying a product that is represented by someone famous, and like the idea of being able to say that they use the same perfume as Anne Hathaway. This Crest Toothpaste advertisment is an example of scientific appeal because it uses statistics and scientific data to persuade potential consumers to buy the product. By using data such as " 4 out of 5 dentists prefer Crest toothpaste," and "Crest toothpase is a major reversal for tooth decay", consumers are drawn to the product because they feel that they are getting the best of the best.
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