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Sitkins EN Boston

Innovation: A Social Transformation Presented at Sitkins International Extreme Networking Event Park Plaza Hotel Boston, MA March 30,2011

James Carlson

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of Sitkins EN Boston

Innovation: Company holiday party

Happy hour at the local bar

Company picnic The Future What do CEOs want? Not just:
Twitter, Facebook,

Not going away,
Not new. Opening The Present 1997 Innovation Gap Innovation Shareholder Value Growth Culture Vision Change
Fear No one gets it of The You haven't explained it They didn't build it with you Where will the time come from? What are the top 5 questions you get asked each week? What are the top 5 questions you ask each week? Where do you keep the answers? Can you meet with me today?
Is our appointment made or confirmed?
What is going to close today?
What's the status of a customer?
What's the status of the project?
How long will it take?
What's our cash flow this month?
Where's our latest sales stuff? Is it approved or are there changes?
What are your projections for the month?
What is the pricing breakdown?
When will we get paid?
When do we close the big sale? Excel Spreadsheet
Project files (paper)
Notepad RISK:
Security The Tire The Tower The Hub Anyone
Uncoordinated author editors disseminators Authorized
Coordinated Anyone
Coordinated STATUS WHAT IS THE WHAT IS THE SOLUTION CELEBRATION EMAIL When does our organization meet and why? What is discussed? WHAT IS THE MOST USEFUL MEETING WE HAVE? Social Media Policy New Culture for The Problem Ready for the outside Collaboration _ Agenda is discussed beforehand. In the meeting, we create consensus, solutions, and actions. Action items are transparently assigned for followup. What about the ambiguity cost? RISK: TOOLS WITHOUT CULTURE MEETINGS transparency in action Microsoft
HP Jobs returns to Apple 1997
A Social Transformation Mike Natalizio James Carlson Vision? Lost in translation Spreading confusion What I know Trapped in my head $ 4.20 2011 $ 348.78 Apple Stock Price Final Thoughts Rebranding Project Video Debriefings Advisory Lead Bold Clear Social Different We're not traditional

We're not just going to get you a quote Everybody wants differentiators, but are you willing to act different? The world has changed.

A new way of working has caught fire, and it's what talented people are looking for.


WHAT GetMOR Increased cultural efficiency
Increased trust
Increased relationships with partner groups
Increased information sharing
Increased transparency Reduced communications overhead
Reduced confusion about priorities
Reduced information hoarding + Is this your 1997? Are you ready to change the game? Will the blockers win again? Innovation is at your doorstep. You have everything you need already, and an investment is not required. Start slow, start fast, just start. In 2011, it is easier than ever before to create a culture of innovation. It starts or ends with the leaders modeling the behaviors. hni.com/sitkins2011 Bring your questions to the breakout. Bootcamp A culture of using
social media
inside the organization
with confidence
leads to a culture of
using it externally
with effectiveness. The information
The wisdom
The intellect
The bits and pieces of innovation HPT? Is this status updating, or problem solving?
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