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Introduction to Literature

No description

Tiina Matikainen

on 30 May 2016

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Transcript of Introduction to Literature

Part III: Literary Terms

Tiina Matikainen
Part I: Why Literature?
Introduction to Literature
Why is literature important in liberal arts education/in the ELA?
Cultural Artifact
Literacy vs Literate
Literature encompasses the human experience in endless ways
Critical Interpretation
protagonist VS antagonist

1st person, 3rd person
Part IV: The Birthday Party
First Reading - Reaction
The Birthday Party
Second Reading: Characters, setting, and plot
The Birthday Party
Third reading: Critical Interpretation
The Birthday Party
Third Reading: Narrator/Point of view, Conflict, Symbolism, Foreshadowing, Irony
The Birthday Party
Fourth reading: Critical Interpretation and Reading for Themes
Conclusion: The Human Condition
Point of View
Part II: Short Stories
For sale: baby shoes, never worn
The structure of the story.
The order of events.
The theme is a message from the author; view about life and how people behave.
A good theme teaches a valuable lesson about life.
The color blue?
Adds to what you are learning AND
increases the value of what you are learning
The intended meaning is different from the actual meaning OR situation may end up quite differently from what is anticipated.
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