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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

No description

Eva Wang

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
is a high fantasy novel written by L.C. Lewis. It was the first published book of the seven novels of The Chronicles of Narnia.
Clive Staples Lewis was called C.S. Lewis and known to his friends and family as "Jack". Lewis's works have been translated into more than 30 languages and have sold millions of copies. The books that make up The Chronicles of Narnia have sold the most and have been popularized on stage, TV, radio, and cinema.
Clive Staples Lewis was born in Belfast, Ireland, on 29 November 1898. On 22 November 1963, exactly one week before his 65th birthday, Lewis collapsed in his bedroom at 5:30 pm and died a few minutes later.
Three famous work:
1. The Pilgrim's Regress
2. "Space Trilogy"
3.The Chronicles of Narnia
Four siblings - Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy Pevensie, are sent to the countryside to live with professor Digory Kirke. While the four children are exploring the house, Lucy climbs into a wardrobe and discovers she is in a magical forest in Narnia. Narnia is ruling by the dictator, the White Queen. But she's actually the White Witch. Edmund is attracted by the White Witch's goodies, so he promises her to bring his siblings to her. There is this prophecy about two sons of Adam, and two daughters of Eve will save Narnia. Actually, the sons and the daughters are the four siblings. Edmund finds out the Witch's real purpose, then he is saved out of her palace and helps in battle between the true lord and the Witch. Aslan, the true lord of Narnia names the children the kings and the queens of Narnia after they win and defend Narnia.
Main Characters
-Youngest child of the Pevensie family
-She first discovers the land of Narnia when she slips into a wardrobe in professor's House.
-She is a very brave little girl with a very friendly heart. Her first friend in Narnia is Mr. Tumnus the Faun. When Mr. Tumnus is in trouble, Lucy attempts to save him.
-She is very smart, curious and has many brilliant ideas, but she often cries at first.
-The queen of Narnia.
-Protagonist/round. She helped her brothers and sister to save Narnia from the White queen.
Lucy Pevensie
Edmund Pevensie
-The second youngest child of the Pevensie family
-Betrays Narnia at the beginning.
-He becomes brave.
-Dynamic character. At the beginning of the story, he helps the White queen. But at the end, he joins Aslan's army and fights back.
-The king of Narnia.
Susan Pevensie
-Second oldest child of the Pevensie family.
-Dynamic character: At first, she does not believe that Narnia exists, but at the end, she helps to protect Narnia and become the queen of Narnia.
-She's very gentle, kind-hearted and thorough.
-The queen of Narnia.
Peter Pevensie
-The oldest child of the Pevensie family
-Leads the soldiers of Narnia to fight over White queen
-The king of Narnia
-He is very brave, and protects his brother and sisters all along.
-Protagonist/round: He leads the army of Aslan, and saves Narnia.
-Aslan is a yellow male lion.
-The true lord of Narnia.
-Dies under the white queens sword to trade for Edmund -In the morning of another day he is resurrected because "There is a magic deeper still the Witch does not know"
-Names the children the kings and queens of Narnia.
-He is kind, but dignified and powerful and can be dangerous.
-Protagonist: Aslan assembles the soldiers of Narnia and is planning to fight the white queen.
White Witch
-She kills Aslan.
-She is treacherous.
-Antagonist: White Witch changes the whole Narnia into a land full of ice and snow and tries to kill the four children.
Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter Pevensie are sent to live with professor Digory Kirke at the countryside. Lucy discovers a magic wardrobe and the world in it in an old room. She told her siblings about the magic world, but no one believes her. They all think Lucy just wants to get more attention until they actually see it themselves.
Rising Action
The four children discover the land of Narnia. Edmund is attracted by the White Witch's Turkish Delight, so he promises the White Witch to bring his siblings to her. But then the witch imprisons him. A beaver tells his brother and sisiters what is happening in Narnia, and shows them the way to the White Witch's castle. The witch finds them, so they begin evading the wolves sent by the witch and trying to get Aslan's camp as soon as possiple. On their way, they meet Father Christmas. They get weapons and healing cordial from him.
They eventually meet Aslan. The children are told that there is a tale about four human children will save Narnia. They realize they are the four children and that is why the witch wants to get them and kill them. Aslan bargains his own life for Edmund's. He is killed but he doesn't know he is followed by Lucy and Susan. To save Narnia, Peter, Edmund and Aslan's army start to fight against the White Witch and her army. As the White Witch has so many people fight for her, they are going to lose.
Movie Trailer
Text to Self
Short Passage
Then everyone looked in and pulled the coats apart; and the all saw -- Lucy herself saw -- a perfectly ordinary wardrobe.There was no wood and no snow, only the back of the wardrobe, with hooks on it. Peter went in and rapped his knukles on it to make sure that it was solid.
"A jolly good hoax, Lu," he said as he came out again; "you have really taken us in, I must admit. We half-believed you.
"But it wasn't a hoax at all," said Lucy, "really and trully. It was all different a moment ago. Honestly it was. I promise."
"Come Lu," said Peter, "that's going a bit far. You've had your joke. Hadn't you better drop it now?"
Text to Text
Alice In Wonderland
, Alice fell down a rabbit hole and went into a magical word that was in an abyss. The land was ruled by the dectator, the red qeen. There was a prophecy about a girl called Alice will defeats the red queen.
The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe
, the four kids went into a magical land from a wardrobe. And they defeated the white witch according to the prophecy.
Text to World
Eva & Sherry
Falling Action
On the other hand, Aslan is restored to life and brings Lucy and Susan to the Witch's castle and saves people who are turned into statues. Aslan arrives with the former statues as reinforcements. Aslan's army rout the witch's army, and Aslan kills the White Witch.
The Pevensie children are named kings and queens of Narnia: King Peter the Magnificent, Queen Susan the Gentle, King Edmund the Just, and Queen Lucy the Valiant.
Fifteen years later, the siblings are hunting for a white stag when they find the lamppost in the forest. Beyond it, the branches become coats. They come through the wardrobe in Digory's house and are children again.
When I was a child, I told my mom about fairies and castles I've seen. I know there weren't any fairies nor castles, but I just want my mom to pay attention to me. In the story, Peter, Susan, and Edmund didn't believe Lucy at first. They thought Lucy just wanted their attention, so she came up with the crazy idea of the other world in the wardrobe.
This book is all surrounding the word "brave". I think being brave is a very important thing in the community. There will be a lot of problems and difficulties, but you can't hide from it. You need to face it bravely. Like how Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy did. They didn't go back and left Narnia in danger, they faced the White queen, and defeated her.
My Opinion
I think this book is a very good book, I would love to recommend it to other student.

1. It's a very good story with a nice plot. It also contains a lot of personification. Every animal is like a person, they can talk, fight, and dance. It's very interesting.

2.There are a lot of qualities we can learn from the characters. For example, they are very brave. They are not afraid they will die, and use their lives to protect Narnia.

3.There's a movie with it. After you finish the book, you can make yourself some popcorn and enjoy the movie. And see the difference between the book and the movie.
1. If you were Edmund, will you feel guity? Why?
2. Who is your favorit character? Why?
3. Why do you think the four kids decided to save Narnia at the end?
New Words
savagely (adj.) : enraged or furiously angry.
giantess (noun) : a giant woman.
mantelpiece (noun) : shelf that projects from wall above fireplace.
snigger (noun): a disrespetful laugh.
(verb): laugh quiely.
Man VS. Man:
Lucy, Edmund, Susan, and Peter are risking their lives trying to defeat the White queen, and save Narnia.
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