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The Bio Robot Refrigerator

No description

Maddie White

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of The Bio Robot Refrigerator

Thank you for watching
What is it?
The Bio Robot Refrigerator uses luminescence to cool the biopolymer gel and the keep the food cold.
Welcom e to my prezi on The Bio Robot Refridgerator
The Bio Robot Refrigerator
> Gel is non-sticky and the food items are inserted into this gel
> Creates separate pods for each of the food items.
> The design of this refrigerator looks very surreal and contains no drawers or doors
>Cools all the individual food items according to the optimal temperature.
> One single piece of green in a frame and is four times smaller than the size of a regular fridge.

This is a new, more
efficient Refridgerator for all ages but was developed as a cheap small option for students.
How does it work?
What is the technology used for
The creator
Yuriy Dmitriev, a student from Russia came out with the concept of the Bio Robot Refrigerator
What is the technology’s impact on the world?
>It is very energy efficient
>Pollution free.
>Also it is small
>Cheap to run.
>Keeps food preserved for longer
This is a completely new idea that nobody has thought about before. Also its cheap and better for enviroment
It is still in the developing stage
This product is unique which is a big selling point
If the product takes to long to develop then others may create similar products.
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