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Marine Biome

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on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of Marine Biome

The Marine Biome

Plant adaptions
Kelp also has very strong roots so it won't wash away.
Plants live near the surface to catch the sun's rays because the sun doesn't reach the oceans bottom.
Seaweed have strong roots to keep it from washing away and they have air sacks to help it float.
75% of the world is covered with the marine biome
The Climatogram of the Marine Biome.
limiting Factors
Limiting factors are biotic and abiotic examples that are needed to make your biome complete. An example is the tropical rainforest biome, its limiting factors are the rainfall and the tall trees and plants that try to reach the sunlight.
Examples of limiting factors of the Marine biome are the salt, because if the marine biome had no salt, it wouldn't be a saltwater biome, it would be freshwater. Water is another example because you can't have an aquatic biome without water, it might as well be a desert. Humans are another limiting factor, WE keep polluting it and killing all the animals and eventually it wont be there anymore...
By Keltoum Laghjibi and Kathryn Evans
The temperature in the marine biome can reach up to 22 degrees Celsius in the summer and in the winter it can get as low as -12 degrees Celsius in some places other then the areas near the Arctic and the Antarctic.
The precipitation can increase the height of the water level about 85 mm maximum or approximately 8.5 cm annually.
Animal adaptions
What makes the marine biome special?
The Marine biome has many diffrences but to name a few there are
salt water because the marine biome is not freshwater
the animals that use the biome as a home have gills to breathe,
The marine biome is the largest biome in the world because more than 75% of the world's is covered with liquid.

Animals that live in this aquatic biome have special adaptions that allow them to breath underwater, find food and raise families too.
Some examples of adaptions that fish might have are gills that allow them to breathe and survive without having to break for air.
Some animals hide in the coral reefs to avoid being prey.
Coral reefs are hard and grow big so that only small fish can hide in between them, so, they don't attract the attention of other fish that are hungry.
Human Impact in the Marine Biome
Humans have been polluting the enviorment for ages. We have been spilling oil, garbage and waste in the ocean for decades and now its finally starting to catch up with us. Data shows that the polution rate has been slowly rising. We've also been overfishing...

If we dont start to recycle, reuse and stop spilling stuff in the ocean also we should stop fishing to much, we might save our earth!!!!!!
Google Images
Our Biome
The latitude of one example of the marine biome is the great Salt lake: 41 degrees n and 112.5 degrees w
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