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Weather in Frankenstein

No description

Tyler Morton

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Weather in Frankenstein

Weather in Frankenstein Lightning with Victor
Victor watches with fascination as lightning destroys the oak tree.

The violence of the "dazzling light" entrances Victor, foreshadowing his obsession with destructive science.

Victor watches the array of lightning as he crosses the lake to Plainpalais on his journey to visit the spot where William was murdered.

The vivid flashes of lightning symbolize Victor's revelation. What effect does warm weather have on Victor and the monster? What other elements of Gothic weather does Mary Shelley use in Frankenstein? For what other purpose does Shelley use weather? The monster experiences snow for the first time in the forest of Ingolstadt.

The snow is a symbolic reminder of how desperate the monster's situation has become.

As the monster travels to extract revenge on Victor, the weather depicts the hardships he encounters.

Snow and freezing temperatures overtake the warmth of the sun or fire, daily pleasures the monster is accustomed to. The monster's greatest sufferings are accompanied by the presence of snow. Snow and the Monster
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