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Uses of Magnets in Today's Society

Julia Dupree

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Magnets

~Natural magnets have North and South Poles
~Like poles repel and opposite poles attract
~Magnetic field lines flow from North to South
~Natural magnets are made from Iron, Nickel, and Cobalt
In medical fields, magnetic therapy cuffs have been shown to increase blood flow, bringing in more oxygen and nutrients to the body, and it helps relieve pain because of the body's magnetic energy. Laptops use very small magnets to read data on the hard drive and write data to a metal disc. If a magnet is placed near a laptop, it changes the data stored on the disc.
Maglev trains levitate above a steel rail while electromagnets attached to the train are leaning toward the rail from below that causes the trains to levitate. These trains can travel safely from 250-300 mph. Magnetix consists of spheres and magnetic rods. Shapes and structures are made out of these. A finderscope with compass is
a mini telescope that does not have as high of a magification
as the major telescope so there
is a broader view. The compass
uses the magnetism of the earth and it tells the direction that it is pointing. This can help astronomers log where stars and other objects in space. Works Cited

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