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Video Critique Group Task (2015/2016)

critique group discussion

n nrs

on 26 September 2017

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Transcript of Video Critique Group Task (2015/2016)

Video Critique Group Task

Watch the following videos on Genetically modified foods.
The first video clip:
now the 2nd video clip:
You will watch a short video clip on Genetically modified foods.
As You watch take notes on:
1. the people/organisation that made the videos videos.
3. the main ideas presented.
2. the purpose & objective of each video
3.the intended audience.
4. Your responses to the videos' point of view on the issue of genetically modified foods (GMF).
FinaL TASk!!!
Critique Discussion
Present your group's discussion
in class(oral presentation)

In a group of 4, critically analyse the videos by answering the following questions:
1. Who/what organisation made the videos.
2.Summarise the main ideas of the videos in 3-5 sentences.
3.What is the message/purpose of each video?
4.What are the video's supporting information given to each main ideas of each videos.
What are the evidence/supporting information shown for the main ideas of each videos. Are they weak or strong evidence. Explain.
5. Are the supporting information shown facts or just mere opinions?
6. Are there any words/images/sounds that are used to influence the viewer? Do you think these elements are successful in the attempt to influence the viewer?
7.Are there any elements of biasness in the videos? Describe them.
8. Which video do you prefer?why? Which video is an argumentative type of video? Your reason?

LMCE 1022
sem 1
Note for your blog Critique circle(25%):
"The bread of life" presents an argumentative point of view of GMO foods.
Your selected article for your blog critique circle should be of a similar approach to this video.
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