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California Credit Life Insurance Group Case

No description

Bagdi Attila

on 4 November 2013

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Transcript of California Credit Life Insurance Group Case

California Credit Life Insurance Group Case
Company Profile
Areas sales manager
The Renoldi matter
Data evaluation
Identified issues
Attila Bagdi x Ditte Hudecek Iversen x Linda Sophia Kohne x Matilde Brusco
International Sales Management
Health; Automobile; Professional Liability; Pension; Retirement Programs; Financial Services
Since 1961
230 sales representatives
15 regional offices
Entered the southeastern part of US in 2003
One area sales manager, 15 reps to supervise which worked quite independently on a day-to-day basis
Areas Sales Manager
Has hiring authority
Sets salaries
Has to assess reps twice a year
Sets quotas according to sales vice president’s guidelines and indications
Distributes bonuses

Law suit against area sales manager for sexual discrimination by the female sales rep
Request for territory change by female sales rep
Denial by the area sales manager: the reasoning is that the sales rep is not entertaining her existing clients
Attainment of quota
Tendency for women to spend less than men
Lower salaries for women
Women more satisfied with their pay
General lower satisfaction in SE Area.
Major problem for female reps:
Balancing family and work
Entertaining clients (either because of clients or because of rep)
Major problems for male reps:
Don’t see women as sales rep
(un)equal rights, e.g. maternity leave
Identified Issues
Does the company really have fair equality policies?

Lack of team spirit
Few support from ASM and male colleagues -> integration
Bonus Distribution
Evaluation & Promotion
Client Entertainment
360° feedback for assessment
Further training
For top managers
For area sales manager
For sales reps
Bonuses: team and personal level
Data Evaluation
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