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Bruno Hauptmann's Case

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Chadai Humphrey

on 29 March 2016

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Transcript of Bruno Hauptmann's Case

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Bruno Early Life
Bruno Richard Hauptmann
Born November 26th, 1899
Saxony, Germany
5 sibblings: 3 brothers and 2 sisters
Youngest of the 5 siblings
Bruno's Early Life
Bruno Early Life
Hauptmann went to elementary school and then attended a trade school for about two years.
While he attended trade school Hauptmann studied carpentry.
He would work during the day and go to school at night.
He was a carpenter at the young age of 14 years old in Kamenz, Germany.
After about a year of studying carpentry, he began to learn about machine building for about two years.
Bruno Early Life
He had no employment and had little to no food to keep him going.
With about eight years of general education and two years of trade school Hauptmann struggled to find a promising job.
This is when Hauptmann first began his criminal record.

Bruno Hauptmann's Case
By: Erica J., Chadai H, Natasha H., Connor H, Carli H, Kayla H.

Bruno Early Life
Within the year of 1971, Hauptmann found out his dad died.
Shortly after he found out his brother passed away in the war against the French.
Within the same year Hauptmann's other brother Max had also dies from a fall.
He was later drafted at the age of 19 into the War and was assigned in the 12th machine gun company for the Germans.
During Hauptmann's time at war he was gassed and wounded
He also was hit on the head with a metal object and was left for dead.
By: Natasha Hackley
Bruno Early Life
Hauptmann and Fritz Petzold, a war buddy, stole three hundred marks and a silver watch from the home of Herr Schierach (Mayor).
A few nights later, they stole two thousand marks in securities, two hundred in cash and a gold watch and chain from leather-tanner Eduard Scheumann.
They also robbed two women of their food and food-ration cards.
By the end of March 1919, Hauptmann and Fritz had been arrested for the four crimes.
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