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activities for the classroom based on the four learning theo

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Melinda Hernandez

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of activities for the classroom based on the four learning theo

Activities for the classroom using the four learning theories

"Brownie Points"
Students good behavior as a whole class earn them BrOwNiE pOiNtS. For every 25 Brownie Points the class earns as a team the teacher must bake and bring in brownies for the class to enjoy!

"Homework & Homework Stickers"
Students complete homework assignments including memorization and repetition. For completing homework assignments in a complete and timely manner students receive reward stickers.
Finding a solution to solving a puzzle in the classroom develops a child's problem solving ability
"Board Games"
Teachers can include board games to promote cognitive development. Board games enhance mathematical and linguistic skills.
Students work in groups doing experimentation. At the end the class comes together as a whole to discuss what they found.
"Educational Films"
Teachers use movies to help educate which serves as a visual context and intrigues the senses.
What can we as teachers do to relate to our student's learning styles?
"Meaningful learning"
Students come together in groups and get involved by collaborating and exchanging ideas.
"Class Discussions"
Teachers engage students by have the class as a whole actively involved in sharing their ideas and feelings and knowledge with one another.
"WebQuest Learning"
Make a webquest for students to learn from and navigate through. This teaches students how to access the web and connect them with today's technology.
This video predicts what the 2020 teacher's role in the classroom will be and how it's possible the connectivism theory will be the most popular teaching and learning method .
The Four learning theories
It is our job as teachers to relate with our students educational and personal needs. In order to be successful we must be aware of the different learning theories and understand how to implement activities in our classroom that can relate to them
Behaviorists say students learn based on the reward and punishment method for desired behaviors.
Constructivism learning involves getting the students more involved through hands-on and field experience. This helps them relate learning to the real-world and what they know.
Cognitivism learning involves putting student's minds to the test. It requires them to reach into their memory of what they already know with what they are learning to promote better learning.
The Connectivism learning theory is part of the digital age and says students can learn more utilizing outside networking sources and sharing their own knowledge with others via techonology.
"Global Projects"
Students complete projects with other classrooms in other parts of the country and world.
"Online Homework"
Assign students after school assignments to research a top being learned in the classroom and share what they found the following school day with the class.
"Good Behavior Bucks"
Students earn behavior bucks on a daily basis for good behavior in the classroom. At the end of the week students can spend their bucks on prizes such as wear a silly hat to school or sit with your friend at lunch.
Have students form a diagram to help better organize their thinking when being taught new information.
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