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English Lesson 2

British Code of Advertising Practice.

Anna Pasquill

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of English Lesson 2

English Lesson #2 Selected adverts for alcoholic drinks. Citations from the British Code of Advertising Practice. Questions relating to adverts and
British Code of Advertising Practice British Code of Advertising Practice
(Institute of Alcohol Studies, Jan 2005)
how excessive drinking impairs judgement.
Learning Intention " To improve pupils' ability to recognise persuasive
techniques in the marketing of alcohol." Does the advert suggest that drinking alcohol makes
you more confident and popular, and if you don’t
drink alcohol you are weak? Why? Does the advert suggest that someone who
drinks alcohol is sexier? Give reasons for
your answer. Does the advert suggest that you need to drink
alcohol at a party to have a good time? Explain your answer Advertisements d.Advertisements must not link alcohol with sexual activity or
success or imply that alcohol can enhance attractiveness. b.Advertisements must not suggest that the success
of a social occasion depends on the presence or
consumption of alcohol. a.Advertisements must not suggest that alcohol can contribute
to an individual’s popularity or confidence, or that refusal is a sign
of weakness. What the questions might look like Next Steps English Science Spanish Design a survey Ask friends and family what
they know and believe about
alcohol misuse - This will draw on what they have learned in previous English, Science and Spanish lessons. Develop pupils' understanding of attitudes towards social drinking in Spain. Look at the relationship between cultural attitudes and advertising. Focus, here, will be on Spanish attitudes. aCfE Experiences and Outcomes Lit3-10a I am developing confidence when engaging with others within and beyond my place of learning. I can communicate in a clear, expressive way and I am learning to select and organise resources independently. When listening and talking with others for different purposes, I can:
• communicate information, ideas or opinions
• explain processes, concepts or ideas
• identify issues raised, summarise findings or draw conclusions. Lit 3-09a HWB2-4a I understand the impact that misuse of substances can have on individuals, their families and friends. Thank you for listening. What techniques are being used here
to persuade people to buy these products? Are these attempts to influence
the consumer ethically acceptable? Look at the short and long term effects
on the body calories per unit RDA Drink Drive Limits view videos showing
how organs and brain
are affected by alcohol
misuse Investigate how volume of alcohol
varies between drinks.
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