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Neptune Presentation

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on 27 April 2011

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Transcript of Neptune Presentation

Neptune Bowen Jing, Falcon Pass Elem. Presents... "Neptune." Web. <http://nineplanets.org/neptune.html>. References The 8th Planet And the farthest... This is Triton, Neptune's 7th and largest moon. How Neptune was Discovered Neptune is the Roman God of the Sea. in 1613, Galileo say Neptune near Jupiter. But he thought that was just a star. Gale, d'Arrest, Adams, and Le Verrier discovered Neptune on 1846 Sept 23 using mathamatics. Neptune has only been visited by Yoyager 2 in 1989. Sice then, the Hubble Space Telescope has expanded our knowledge of Neptune. "Neptune." The World Almanac For Kids Online. Infobase Publishing. Web. 18 Apr. 2011. <http://wak.factsonfile.com/RecURL.aspx?wid=101906&nid=75682>. Pictures from images.google.com This is Proteus, Neptune's sixth and second largest moon. What Neptune is Made Of Neptune is a gas giant Neptune , unlike Jupiter, is not made of distinct layers. Neptune has a small rocky core the size of Earth The inside is mostly made of frozen water, methane, and ammonia. Unlike Jupiter and Saturn, Neptune is only made of 15% hydrogen Most of the hydrogen is in the atmosphere Here are the other gas giants: What does Neptune look like? This is Neried, Neptune's 8th and 3rd largest moon Neptune's blue color is probably due to methane Neptune has a Great Dark Spot, which is the storm the size of Earth However, that storm has dissapeared Neptune has many other odd cloud formations, such as the Scooter, which is a white blob that zips around Neptune every 16 hours Neptune is 49,532 kilometers in diameter Neptune is 4,504,000,000 km from the sun VERY far away This is Larissa, Neptune's 5th and 4th largest moon Moons and Rings Neptune's moons are named after minor sea gods Moon Distance (1000 km) Diameter (km) Naiad 48 29 Thalassa Despina Galatea Larissa Proteus Triton 50 53 62 74 118 355 40 74 79 96 209 1350 Nereid Halimede Sao Laomedeia Psamathe Neso 5509 15728 2242 23571 46695 48387 170 61 40 40 38 60 Neptune's rings are named after astonomers Neptune's rings are dark Name Width (km) Distamce (km) Galle LeVerrier Lassel, Arago Adams 15 15 5800 <50 41900 53200 53200 62930 This is Galatea, Neptune's 4th and 5th largest moon Misc. Facts Neptune's winds are the fastest in the solar system Neptune generates twice as much heat as it recieves from the sun But that still can't supply enough energy for these winds. So what causes these fast 700mph winds? Neptune also has an oddly shaped magnetic field The Great Dark Spot has dissapeared We do not know what Neptune's rings are made of This is Naiad, Neptune's smallest and innermost moon. Jupiter and Uranus Saturn Thank you for watching this presentation Be sure to read Ice Attack: A Race Against Time and The Great Eight: The Five Heroes by Bowen J., Adit K., and Dylan T.!
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