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Heroin Addiction in Connecticut

No description

Ronaldo Durant

on 9 May 2017

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Transcript of Heroin Addiction in Connecticut

Heroin in Connecticut
In 2014 about 500 people died in Connecticut due to opioid overdoses
Stamford had eight opiate deaths, Southington; 11, Danbury; 11 and Fairfiled; six.
Very few towns in CT were not affected by an opiate-related death.
Heroin Addiction starts only after one use
Opioid Fatalities Rising
Heroin is often used to help depression, but usually it leaves them worse off
What are the effects of Heroin
Some of the effects include a "rush" feeling that is accompanied by clouded mental function and going "on the nod"
How is Heroin Used?
Through injection
Heroin Addiction in Connecticut
The Cycle
Heroin is an opioid drug made from morphine. Which is a substance found in the seeds of the poppy plant.
What is Heroin?
By: Aidan Doran
Some people even mix heroin with crack cocaine.
The less desirable effects include collapsed veins, abscesses, and lung complications
The signs of an opioid overdose include:
Body is limp
Vomiting or Gurgling noises
Breathing is very slow or stopped
Cannot be awakened from sleep or unable to sleep
Addiction to opioids usually starts due to an unaddressed illness such as PTSD or Anxiety
Herion converts into morphine when it crosses the blood-brain barrier through injection
The morphine then connects to morphine receptors in the brain that create a "rush" which causes addiction
An Epidemic
The heroin problem increased by 25% in 2017 and shows no signs of stopping.
The Heroin being sold now is exponetially purer than in the past, it is common to see fentanyl mixed in with it which is said to much more poten increasing the chance of addiction
Narcan (naloxone) is an opiate antidote. Narcan is used to block the effects of the opioids and to reverse an overdose.
Narcan can be given through injection into the muscles of the arm or thigh-or with nasal spray
Narcan begins working within 5 minutes of entering the body
Package of Naloxone Nasal Spray
Vile of Narcan with syringe
The opioid issue continues to spread due to how highly addictive opioids are and the "rush" they give.
Preventing heroin or any substance abuse starts very early, before they are teenagers parents should educate their children on the dangers of drugs.
Parents must also set a good example of sobriety.
Teaching children that if surrounded by people using drugs or alchohol they must know that leaving the environment is the best option
Three simple steps to helping stop the problem
Continues to Grow
Heroin is still an issue that can only be resolved through cooperation between authorities and people to stop this epidemic
Early exposure to the damage durgs cause is key
Call help lines if you feel like you may begin using or know someone who will
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