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ENG344-03 - Ksykes Final Prezi

No description

Kristy Sykes

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of ENG344-03 - Ksykes Final Prezi

Mario Mcall
Stage Name:
3D Straw kristy m. sykes
events & marketing specialist proven effective event planning & marketing get bio ready for Shawn
decide markets to
target first contact graphic designer
need to create image and look upcoming events Results frankie - set interview with
windy williams

complete new bio packet

order new head shots

send out press releases Frankie Sykes
Stage Name:
Frankie contact local
stations in
greensboro for interview 3d- 3d- order promotional items
water bottles
3d glasses in color performing artist public figure Splk Public Safety - reverse raffle - bbq cook off
Splk Public Safety - Donor sponsor letter
Splk Fall Golf Tournament - finalize date for tournament

KVN - Stoney Brook - Steeple Chase - showcase program
KNV - Read Across America - Finalize sponsor for event
KVN - Summit - finalize room set up and meeting arrangements - get information out to publishers
KVN - Duck Dery - Follow up on payments and ad materials

neded 3d straw to file WMGU - call to get meeting with
station promotions director.

go over details for album release
party for March 2nd. new client
shawn magrum
new indi artist meeting with pd's of local stations to get professional opinions on music styles and worthiness of airplay
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