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Psychoanalysts and sleep disorders

Psychology GCSE Lesson

Laurie Johnston

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Psychoanalysts and sleep disorders

The job of a psychoanalyst
Lets read pgs 82-81: Malyun, Anya, Yasmine, Lequesha

Book work:

Make notes on 1) what a psychoanalyst does, 2) the experience of clients undergoing psychoanalysis and 3) how dream analysis is used
Exam Q - Why is it relevant that clients accept the analysis suggested to them? ( 5 mark
Psychological sleep disorders
Lets read pgs 86-87: Malyun, Anya, Yasmine, Lequesha

Bookwork: Notes on importance of REM sleep, Primary and secondary disorders, insomnia, hypersomnia, circadian rhythm disorders, parasomnias

Exam Q: Explain what a psychological sleep disorder is (6 marks)
Becoming a psychoanalyst
Lets read pgs 84-85: Malyun, Anya, Yasmine, Lequesha


Notes on Psychoanalyst skills, who they work for, qualifications required, training and CPD
Exam Q - Explain what makes someone a good psychoanalyst. (5 marks)

Psychoanalysts and sleep disorders
Psychoanalysts and sleep disorders
All will learn about the job of a psychoanalyst, how they use dream analysis, how to become one, the importance of REM sleep, sleep disorders and treatment, sleep disorder clinics ( C grades)
Most will explain what makes a good psychoanalyst, what sleep disorders are and the work of a sleep disorder clinic (B Grades)
Some will be able to analyse and criticise the work of psychoanalysts and sleep disorder clinics (A Grades)
Sleep disorder clinics
Lets read pgs 88-89: Malyun, Anya, Yasmine, Lequesha

Bookwork: Notes on Treatments, medication, CBT, Acupuncture, hypnotherapy

Exam Q: Explain the work of a sleep disorder clinic (6 marks)
Read pages 50-51 and 90-91

Carry out the self-check 'you should know' activities. Tick them if you know the point - revisit it if you don't.

Complete all practice exam questions

If you wish to push for the A* then have a go at the stretch activities
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